The Body

Listen to your body

Listening to your body. Isn’t it better to keep your body under your control, your antenna, so the environment messages come and go with littlest distortion?

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There’s a hidden genius within you. A creative genius. Often oppressed. That’s why porn is served to you: to drain your sexual energy and your creative energy.


To forgive, being forgiving and practicing forgiveness: is fundamental. Not as easy as some would say. But is doable, vital and more than necessary. (…)

Declutter Mind

Too much in your mind? Mentally blocked? Or: the stuff runs off your head as if it was diarrhea: disordered and out of control ?
Time to declutter your mind.

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A person addresses you. You don’t know that person that well. You got that gut feeling…
It doesn’t matter if the feeling is good or bad. The real issue is: can you trust your gut feeling?
Is it fear or intuition talking?

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We are what we eat, think and do.
A balanced nutrition isn’t enough. …
The quality of your thoughts has a huge weight: whether they empower or devitalize you.

Breakfast in bed

Having a morning ritual is good to clean start your day. Adding a breakfast in bed, once in a while, might be a good idea. Not Valentine’s day? Do it anyway…


Trouble sleeping. Impact of sleep deprivation on the body and brain functioning. Three small tricks to fix it. Melatonin, pineal gland and breathwork.

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Your body talks: your posture talks about you and you can influence your mindset acting through your posture.
Main causes of a bad posture and how to correct it.

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Still got it? Are you still appealing? Face the fact you’re in the forties.
Small changes can be done so you’ll feel like Spring: refresh, rebirth. reinvented.

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