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Morning Ritual, Clean Start Of Day, And A Possible Breakfast In Bed? Maybe?

A morning ritual to have a clean-start your day or including breakfast in bed, once in a while: might be a good idea.

Valentine’s day is too far from past and future – right in the middle way. But breakfast in bed is pretty romantic and can be done anyway.

Even if you’re not In a relationship, breakfast in bed is still romantic…. In a literature romantic perspective.

Let us say is the weekend, you’re not sleepy,  but still want to nurture this special relationship with the bed: don’t want to leave it that soon. Breakfast in bed is a possibility.

Let us say you woke up grateful for your favorite person in the whole world, for being a part of your life and you want to celebrate it: you decide to show appreciation. Breakfast in bed is a possibility.

Even if you’re doing social distancing: you can do it online. With the pandemic, people during the quarantine were drinking a glass of wine with friends online. Of course, is not the same thing. The touch, the smell, the way a person sways the foot when happy, or the expression of the look seen in a side perspective, or the way the person fixes the shirt and other’s subtleties: all that is missing. But still is a kind of a connection, a glass of wine online.

Anyway, we are here for breakfast in bed. Not for end-of-the-day wine glassing.  Is an interesting idea to catch though, we’ll leave it for another opportunity.

The issue today is breakfast in bed, a morning ritual, and a clean start of the day.

1. Morning Rituals – Clean Start Of The Day

It’s common to hear that the first two hours of the day are the most important. They will define the tone of your day. So, in those two first hours make sure that you have a focus on clean thoughts and a clean body.

  • Avoid starting the day with worries from the last day. Focus on the solutions, focus on the things you’re going to do during your labor day.


Runaway from draining emotions of last day discussion. Runaway from yesterday ruminations about choices with bad results. Runaway from 10 years ago loves disappointment. These inner thoughts examples will literally dry your energy for the rest of the day.

If you need extra motivation: focus on your long-term goals. Wake up for today and do things (sow small consistent seeds) for tomorrow.

Stand Guard at the door of your mind. Tony Robbins has an interesting podcast about alerting about the importance of being aware of your thoughts:

Use empowering thoughts to strengthen yourself mentally on those two-hours-window of morning.


The body has three main ways to expel the toxins off your body, and water is crucial in all of them:

  1. Water is important to urinate (and kidney function)
  2. Water is important to defecate (and digestive tract function)
  3. Water is important to perspiration ( to replace the water loss)

When you drinking water first thing in e morning your also flushing down bacteria that might be accumulated on your throat and all along the digestive tube.

Although is not enough to drink it in the morning, you have to keep on hydrating throughout the day , the benefits  I find more interesting about doing it with an empty stomach are:

- Eliminates toxins from your body

- Strengthen the immune system

If you have a weekly routine for cardio work: the better. But that doesn’t invalidate the morning stretch benefits: it will eliminate the stiffness of muscles after being laid for so many hours. And you get the feeling of the reward of accomplishing something as simple as stretch, right in the early day.

Use exercise to empower yourself physically and mentally on those two-hours-window of the morning.

  • Fresh fruits are important to balance your nutrition: why not start at breakfast?

If along the course of the day you forget to eat fruits: the one in the morning it’s done. You can explore more about the benefits of eating fruits in breakfast on this link:

I enhance and value these two:

  1. your organism absorbs more and better those fruits vitamins and minerals after fasting
  2. boosts your immune system.

2. Breakfast Can Be An Act Of Love

Your breakfast can be an act of love. To yourself and/or to others.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because follows a long period of fasting (10 to twelve hours). Might as well do it right.

(I kind of like balance: not a freak for health but I like to keep it clean. So I always include fruits.)

There are many ways to incorporate fruit into your breakfast. You can have it single, mixed with cereals, in a smoothie…

Have this recipe for a highly nutritional smoothie. Simple. Delicious. Period.

You’ll need a blender for this.

If you like the flavor of cinnamon and anise: use a little of both to mask the raw egg’s natural smell.

All ingredients enter at the same time.

I like balance.

The balance between healthy and unhealthy. The balance between good and bad.

Still not sure if coffee is good or bad. Quantity is the key and I like to start my day with a coffee.

And once this conversation started about breakfast in bed, romantic and love gesture: remember the flower nearby the coffee. A subtle amorous touch…

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