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Let’s Face It: You’re In The Forties. Still Got It, Right?

You still got it? Are you still appealing? Ok. Let’s face it. You’re in the forties.

Yet forties in this century don’t have the same meaning it had a hundred years.

We’re in the middle of springtime, at least in this part of the hemisphere. And springtime always brings that feeling of refresh, rebirth: nature is all appealing to reinvent its’ self.

And you feel it too.

You wake up in the morning, you look at yourself … Humm… Not twenty anymore… But you’re more confident now… It may be too comfortable, but something’s bothering you... Maybe a little bored with yourself… Maybe. A little fluffy on the belly, double chin, the skin could be shinier, could do something with the hair…

Anything is possible. Quoting a friend from adolescence:

“When something changes on the outside, it’s because something already changed in the inside.

It's important that you feel confident with the way you look. It should be congruent with your personality, or that phase you’re going through. Or it will feel like a mask. Unreal to you.

But you can try new things, learn if it feels good. And if it doesn’t: go back and you change other things.

Reinvent Yourself.

Small changes.

Reinvent Your Look With Small Changes

Here are some tips for the face and for the body:

1. Small Changes On The Face

  • Have a new haircut or put some color on it. It’s a possibility.
  • Once the masks are on, enhance your eyes with bold makeup
  • Grow a beard if you don’t have one, or change the way you normally groom it. 
  • Or let your hair grow natural for a while, that is, if you normally don’t…

Just for the record, get to know this awesome sound with influences of semba (Angolan music), house, and even a slight touch of funk.

The song is a creation of an Angolan musician, Dino Ferraz, talking about the social judgment of black people who wear their hair naturally, rejecting in opposition, the concept of total boldness (social encouraged, for frizzy hair): the song Is called “Careca Não” which means: not boldness. Hope you enjoy it!

2. Small? Changes On The Body

  • Make a tattoo. A temporary can be a good option if you don’t want a long-term commitment to a tattoo.

If your job puts some restrictions on that issue: choose a non-visible part of the body.


  • Kill that belly a little bit and get some tonus on those fleshes.

Go to the gym or try those new exercises you saw on Youtube and you thought it was amazing…

Take a  look at these moves - animal flow: 

Give it a try: your body might surprise you with what it can do.


If you need more ideas to change your look take a click on these links:


The key here is to look at the mirror on the wall and say: "God damn it, God damn it, I’m feeling myself".

You reinvent yourself a little, you feel good with yourself.

If you’re in a long-term relationship, your partner will feel stimulated with the new you, kind of “let me get to know you again" or " I Want You ".

And you will feel like hum… “I still got it”

And keep in mind that the important here is HOW YOU FEEL with the new look. That’s the energy that will magnetize your environment.

Reinvent yourself.


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