To Pluri-Dimensional Well Being


In college, I studied Mechanical Engineering.

All along the road, I've found that Mechanics is everywhere.

I worked as a Coordinator of Technical courses in a Training Center.  On a normal working day, I  interacted with a lot of people. I liked that: learned a lot about people, about body language. Lots of teamwork. With the trainees, I learned how social stratification and social background might work as limiting boundaries on people's self-perception.

Then I went to do a new thing. To develop other skills. Worked as a Sales Engineer for an industry of metallic poles for street lighting. I must confess It was a lonely job. Drove a lot, which I quite enjoy. Learned to be by myself. With myself.

One year after, I joined a new adventure: traveled to my birth country (I've left  Angola by the age of two), to work in maintenance, inside an industrial environment. Triple challenge. Cultural, social and professional. Grew more resilient.

Now I'm embracing the digital world.

Through the journey, I've realized that my life, as if it was an entity by itself, demands transformation every 7 to 9 years.

In nature, animal plants, any living creature naturally tend to evolve, grow, transform. And the human being nature is as same. Nature demands transformation. Transformations on the many dimensions, a human being can be.  The self. The social. The health. The wealth. In fact, It Is All Connected. Chained. Links of a chain.


"In nature, nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed"

Antoine Lavoisier, 1789

The Law of the Conservation of Mass

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