Focus, Anxiety and Short Time Concentration What does focus, anxiety and short time concentration are got to do with each other? Everything. Has everything to do with it because a great percentage of us, people, are dependent on our cellphones, that became one of the many problems behind anxiety and short time concentration. Our short-time […]

In life, we have lots of beginnings. But once an adult, we never truly are “Absolute Beginners” (David Bowie’s song). We have new beginnings of day, we rebirth, we “remake” ourselves, we grow, we add skills, we improve. We look for meaning. Meaningful relationships. Meaningful jobs. We all want meaningful lives. But meaningful is a

I’ve been doing a lot of mindset work for a year  now, maybe two. Daughter of public services employees. My first job as a graduated engineer, was also on a public service. Job security.There was a lot of family culture  inducing to public services job security. So, when  I made that first job change and

The wind was wild yesterday. I mean in Portugal. Lisbon. Suburban area of Lisbon. You know those cold days, when you feel the cold beneath, under the skin? May be deeper. Maybe the cold gets to the bones. May be even deeper than that. On those days, some people  (i know i did) might have

This is an outburst! With no intention of pointing out ways or finding solutions – I am still discovering mine. But it may be that the outburst, the sharing, serves someone. Music Music has always rescued me.I don’t play any instrument, I don’t write music. I listen to music and it heals me. Yoga & Meditation 

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