Focus, Anxiety and Short Time Concentration

What does focus, anxiety and short time concentration are got to do with each other? Everything.

Has everything to do with it because a great percentage of us, people, are dependent on our cellphones, that became one of the many problems behind anxiety and short time concentration.

Our short-time concentration is getting shorter once , for many of us, the cellphone is the first thing to do in the morning…And is not to check the time…

We check out the time on the cellphone and we cannot live without internet. Absolutely true. Whether is to work, whether is to socialize, whether is to learn…

We do learn on the internet bu also have to deal with the problem we face is the constant entering of alerts, messages, emails, videos … That makes us addicted to search, and wait for that new message. Which creates constant anxiety.

Focus. On yourself, not on the crowd.
Focus On yourself not on the crowd

The Addiction and Short Time Concentration

Have you noticed that is almost an addiction?  A cellphone slowly ruins our capability of focus when we perform a task, for a long period of time. Because, even when we are focused, there’s always some new thing that pops up on the screen, some new message in the mailbox, some new alert that enters, that totally disperses our concentration.

I know I have problems with concentration every now and then… Because my brain is getting addicted to be interrupted, addicted to short-time-concentration …

Never, like before i felt such need to meditate…

I meditate to diminish the damages caused by the use of the cellphone.

That’s how I counter-balance this excess of quick information, this speed, this over-stimulation of the eyes. 

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