Just Breathe

Go ahead and try. Just breathe.

It’s vital. Obviously. And very often neglected.

Take 15 minutes of your day, just to breathe. I like doing it in the evening: relearned how to sleep like a baby. Also started doing it in the morning. I’m a slow awakener: the transition from horizontal to vertical position has to be slow. Can’t do it too fast: doesn’t feel good (dizziness, bad mood, feel shaken)

Breathing exercises are perfect for people who have problems in switching-on in the morning and/or have trouble turning it off at night.

Body, Mind & Spiritual Benefits of breathwork:

#1 Boosts your immunity

#2 Helps your processing emotional pain & trauma, slows down emotional turbulence

#3 Reverses physical stress, reduces anxiety, grief, feelings of depression, anger

#4 Develops or increases your self-awareness

#5 Increases your confidence, self-image, and self-esteem

#6 Enriches your creativity

#7 Improves mental concentration

As you do complete and deep breaths try to pay attention to your body: feel the muscles moving (pelvic platform, stomach, thorax, throat, head), feel the rush of blood through your head.

As you exhale: exhale and release all the trouble, the worry, the stress, the fear, the shame, the guilt

As you inhale: inhale with feelings of love, hope, prosperity, abundance, health, and happiness… whatever feels right to you…

It’s no miracle potion but sure feels very good… Hope you enjoy it! 

Here’s  a breathing exercise (i do it at night), click on the link to watch the video:  Kapalbhati Breathing Technique    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6d7_oJGzKQ&t=15s

And a fantastic sound related ( once we’re talking here about Breathing…) click on the link to listen:   Just Breathe – Eddie Vedder  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5bAawsa7_s

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