It’s Probably Me

I’ve been doing a lot of mindset work for a year  now, maybe two.

Daughter of public services employees. My first job as a graduated engineer, was also on a public service. Job security.There was a lot of family culture  inducing to public services job security.

So, when  I made that first job change and went to  work for a private company, I was leaving job security behind. But the mentality was still there: putting my security on a government public services hands, on a private company’s hands. That’s how SFM crossed my way:  i was making efforts on mentality shifting. There’s a lot of work to do. To be done. Still.

Sometimes  i fall into temptation of watching other people’s development and think: i’m not doing enough. Have to do more.Commitment. Probably true.

Like Sting’s song: It’s probably me Sting -It’s Probably Me (feat. Eric Clapton)

Then  i look back, at me. What a  mess of guilt i was: blaming others, blaming me. And i realise how far i’ve walked.  And that’s the only way one should compare to someone: the person you were yesterday.

In one of SFM Webinars – Building Meaningfull Relashionships – i think , the subject was about taking responsability. It isn´t about being the one to take the blame, when a problem occurs, you might not even be the cause of it, but it affects your life. Taking responsability is having the ability to respond. It’s about taking responsability on the solution.

One of the things that digital marketing has: depends on you. Low income? It’s probably me/you. High income? It’s probably me/you.

Failed once? Try again. Failed twice? Try again.  As many times. Untill you make it.

“When you fall throughout life: fall forward.”  

That’s what Denzel Washington says in his 2020’s speech

I saw it, heard it, a few hours ago. Very inspiring. Resonated with me. Hope it inspires you, all along your week, on your sellings. Go, go,  you marketers!

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