Wild Is The Wind

The wind was wild yesterday.

I mean in Portugal. Lisbon. Suburban area of Lisbon.

You know those cold days, when you feel the cold beneath, under the skin? May be deeper. Maybe the cold gets to the bones. May be even deeper than that.

On those days, some people  (i know i did) might have a tendency to stay with the  body all wrapped in itself,  stiff muscles.

Then comes that tension on the upper back, all back, all body. Then might appear a certain soul “je-ne-sais-quoi”…

What can you do? How to shift that?                  

You might wanna make a body stretch  exercise  – the downward dog.

This pose is excellent to relieve stress and  mild depression, to energize  and stretch the whole body. Literally: from head to toe.

Then I remember Tony Robbins in one of his mourning priming exercise videos, saying physiology is the quickest way  to change your mind state and start being “a  creator of your future not manager of situations”.

So, if you are struggling to make your first steps in your life shifting, or struggling for your first sales, or dealing with some kind of stress. I have this to share, for you to try it on :

a)   Mind stretch or Morning Motivation booster   (Tony Robbins mourning priming exercise (click to watch  priming Mourning video)

b)   Body stretch or Upperback tension realease . Remember to give 5 complete breaths while in the pose.(  copy the link to your browser to learn how to do this easy yoga pose)

Must-Know Yoga Pose: Downward-Facing Dog

c)    Love Stretch or just to enjoy Nina’s nostalgia… This  actually was the origin of this post.. (click to listen to this Nina’s masterpiece)

Have Fun. With Tony R., Nina S. & downward dog yoga pose.

Make sales. Have a nice business week!

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