Transmuting energy

Transmuting Your Energy

Transmuting your energy. Actually, that’s what your body knows how to better and does it all the time: when we eat we transmute the energy contained in the food into energy for life support.

The same happens when we breathe air into the lungs: the energy contained in their molecules is transmuted in our lungs, and blood cells… into life force.

That happens at an automatic level without you even realizing it. You just know that you are biologically alive.

We transmute energy when we exercise when handcrafting something when we endeavor into creative activities: that’s transmuting energy too.

And we also transmute energy at an emotional level, too.

When we hear the expression “transmuting energy” almost sounds like witchcraft magic, when, actually, is a natural process of life and any kind of progress or evolution.

We can look outside for example the power of the water falling in a dam is transmuted into electricity. And Lavoisier’s Law (Law of Conservation of matter) is revisited at all times:

“In nature, nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed."

From an inner perspective: we can transmute energy intentionally.

Especially if the intention is to transform strongly charged, eventually traumatizing emotions into some other emotions that do not eat us alive from the inside, but rather become a solid foundation that builds in inner strength: that’s transmuting energy.

On the other side, stagnant energy is like stagnant water: is a good environment to proliferate disease. And that is also creation. A destructive creation, in the long run. And still a creation.

Transmuting energy is converting the energy within you and manifesting it into a material form.

1. How to use your resources to transmute your energy

That are many ways to transmute energy.

As said above transmuting energy is changing an emotional state into another state. Not always easy. But there are many ways to do it.

Emotion is energy in motion. And is very easy to get emotion trapped in the body. You have to realease it.

That’s why is useful to consciously transmute it.

If we have just a tiny little of those low vibrational emotions and the body self-rules itself (which happens when we do automated actions like driving brushing teeth, etc), all it´s going to do to do is is send information to the brain to reinforce that same path of neurons with more thoughts and emotions of the same type: in a loop of a repeated neuron pathway that creates the same emotions based on the same types of memories.

It's a continuous hell if lower emotions are the one's ruling. The mind and the body will work together to keep on building in more of it.

That’s why is important to transmute energy: you are teaching your body to process emotions in a way – a different neuron pathway of neurons – of feeling your emotions and thoughts in a way that is more beneficial for you.

# How do you do that? Creating and exchanging is the easiest way

Creating art whether is plastic art, writing (journaling, creative writing), or handcrafting in any hobby where you can use your hands.

Creating movement whether through exercise, dance, tai-chi, or qigong.

Exchanging energy in nature: which is at reach to everyone.

Transmuting energy

Gardening or the simple act of breathing in fresh clean air among the greens or by the sea: is cleansing and an act of transmuting energy.

If you love pets: it goes too.

If you have the habit of walking barefoot on the beach you wrap some trapped emotions in your body and release the into the earth.

Those are the most obvious ways of creating and exchanging. Even more powerful when you do it intentionally. With a conscious that you are releasing whatever emotions that might be disturbing your peace.


2. You can also train yourself as a Pavlov Dog, in a positive way, to interrupt thought pattern

You have to know yourself.

If at times you struggle with downward thoughts that just keep on building one upon another such as compound interest and when you realize it: you’re in the hole of depressive mood or with galloping anxiety in the chest.

Before you can transmute any energy you have to know where it comes from.

And you know where it comes from (the primary source, the “original sin”) you can act upon it before it becomes so heavy that you just want to disappear in bed or drown in alcohol. Or any other addiction (shopping, eating, sex, porn or just being compulsive at anything)  you have learned to cope with the unbearable feelings. You have to find out where is the epicenter.

Once you do, is easier to create a trigger to interrupt the negative pattern.

You’ll have to create one special trigger. It can be a word. It can be a song you listen to that you know instantly puts you in a good vibe.

You recreate a Pavlov-dog trigger to interrupt that negative thought pattern and puts you in a better state of mind. Salivating for that good steak that isn’t there yet.

But you create a body of positive emotions that you know boost your enthusiasm, and your vital energy, instead of just drowning in a negative spiral.

# Pavlov’s dogs experience

Do you know Pavlov’s dog experience? It’s kind of thought provoked.

A thought is provoked, an action that supports those thoughts, and creates new emotions associated with it.

Pavlov’s dog experience dogs were trained to salivate just by listening to bells. Pavlov created a habit of ringing a bell and then feeding the dogs. At a certain point, the dogs would salivate just by listening to those bells.

Of course, we’re not dogs: but we react the same way to trauma. At the sound of a bell/trigger, we react with a learned behavior/salivate even without seeing the meat. Even if we are not facing the same context as the trauma: a trigger is enough to remind us, at an unconscious level.

Well, you can train yourself to be a Pavlov dog interrupt some negative thought pattern or even have motivation for something you really want to do.

Just create a trigger meaningful enough for you.

And to create that trigger you only have to repeat that habit, consciously, as a routine, until you get the habit you want to get.

In this case, would be associating a word or a song with a good emotion: and using it when you perceive that “you feel it coming”: the beginning of« depression anxiety rage, etc. Any low emotion that drags you down and leaves you drained of energy.

Your personal watchwords slogan. Military use it, sports people use it advertisers use it. To mind programming. You can use it to program yourself.

3. How to transmute energy associated with bad life experiences

As said before: we all transmuted energy. Some people transmute it into resentment and hate rage. But that’s not necessarily constructive. Is not a good place to grow good things. Because you put too much energy into resenting or hating something that's outside of you: a person, an ideal, a brand.

You better transmute that energy and use it into your own goals, to build yourself up.

Some trauma is a too heavy burden to release on your own: you might consider counseling, professional help, or psychological therapy.

It is an act of bravery that you do to help yourself.

But here's the DIY (do it yourself) way.

And the DIY is: honor your path. Bad life experiences become stepping stones to getting where you want to go.

Yes, there was pain, and yes there was suffering. Honor it. How? Building a vision that makes you proud of yourself: and making decisions to act towards it.

You don’t like your life where you are at?

It’s not the end of the line: it ain’t over till it’s over. You have some things in the past that don’t make you proud. Past mistakes and regrets. Find out what was the turning point, that one decision you made that lead you to a not-so-very-nice place in life.

Did you decide based on fear? Did you decide based on anger? Did you decide based on greed? Did you decide based on shallow things that were only to fulfill a constructed image, but not a real deeper aim?

That’s where you have to focus, to improve on that fear, anger, greed, and ego. To make better decisions today, that will lead you to your Vision. The one that is going to make you proud of yourself. Fulfilled as a human being.

And when you address those things that depend on you – not on other people’s behavior or what they think – and make real work to improve.

And you’ll make better decisions to improve your overall well-being. Money-related and people related.

And the past bad experiences become stepping stones.

Those experiences were things that you had to learn to lead you where you want to go and actually enjoy it.

Enjoying it is not just when you get there: but from the moment you think of it. That fuels you with the right energy from the present moment.

Instead of drowning in guilt shame resentment or hate: focus on you, on what you can improve, and honor your path.

You tasted the bitter so you’ll know how to appreciate the sweet.


4. Never settle for less

Remember that stagnant water creates a perfect habitat for disease to proliferate.

So does energy.

Settling for less is not just about the external environment: is also about what you expect from yourself.

Getting used to and settling with your own flaws and limiting beliefs: that’s settling for less.

When the concept of “you are enough” is spread it doesn’t mean there’s no room for self-growth or improvements: it means that within you have all there is to create whatever you can imagine.

But it takes will. It takes that wanting to create that mental energy that will fuel your actions, attitudes, and decisions to reach whatever goal it is that you WANT to reach.

Wanting creates the mindset. Believing in yourself makes you act upon it.

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"In nature, nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed"

Antoine Lavoisier, 1789

The Law of the Conservation of Mass

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