Expressiveness Throat chakra

About theater and performance?Nan. Your expressiveness, the throat chakra.
The term chakra sounds too spiritual, but it is energy we are talking about.

Just like lava, The Beautiful Destruction

You read it well: destruction, not distraction. It can be beautiful. If
you embrace change.
Just like volcanic lava: the soil becomes more fertile after lava.

Gifts non material

Everybody enjoys receiving gifts all wrapped up in a beautiful paper.
Take a step back. It is not just about the material things.
There’s those special moments.

Transmuting energy

Transmuting your energy. Actually that’s what your body know what how to better and does it all the time. (…)
We also transmute energy at an emotional level.


There are times when you feel stuck. Dead end. And that’s where it helps to look for things that make you feel grateful.
There is science behind gratitude.

Disappointement, disappointing situations

Disappointing situations bring sadness or displeasure caused by the non-fulfillment of one’s hopes or expectations. It’s imperative to outgrow those situations.

Competitive Copycat Inspired

Are you too competitive? To a point where the idea of being a copycat crosses your mind? Because what matters is winning? (…) let yourself be inspired by (…)

equal give take

Relationships. Where are you standing on yours? Is it based on an equal give and take? Are you feeding something that is not feeding you? The other way around?

expressing yourself

Expressing yourself.
Speak well, look good: communication is easy, doors open, sympathy from others.
(…)unique fingerprint, unique way of expressing yourself.

The crossroads in life. You have to make hard decisions. They will determine the next round cycle of life.
And we all want is the next life round to be awesome…

self committed

Have you ever questioned yourself of how deep are you committed to yourself?
We all want emotional fulfillment and if have to commit to someone: we do that.

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