Like A King

Still Like A King You Rise: Rebirth

1. Intro

Regardless of the gender, the spirit here is of a king: and like a king, you rise. You are able to rebirth.

Not God-complex. Is not about the game- “Like A King”, either.

“To them, we are fair game
Our lives don't mean a thing”

Lyrics from “Like a King /I’ll Rise" by Ben Harper

Don’t you just hate, when people say that life is a game? What game? Your life? Huge consequences: on you. And no rehearsal. So: life is not a game.

No need to get too rigid either: some flexibility is needed. To realign your ship’s coarse.

But nobody is doomed here: there’s always a choice to rebirth.

Is not a start from zero, but is actually honoring your path, with all that has been learned, start where you are: and reinvent yourself.

Is starting from a clean slate. As long as you leave the trash where it belongs.

2. Like a King: You'll Rise

You came through muddy waters. You survived shame and the death of the ego. You’re no longer sitting in that corner of the room of your head. You’ve stood up for yourself.

And decided to be a king. And your empire is you.

Some might think: “oh it sounds like arrogance”, “God-complex”… And so on…

Not at all: you're claiming power over yourself, not over others. Is actually a personal growth process, to reinvent yourself into a better version, maybe the best version of yourself. It’s up to you.

If you are still reading this, you recognize this vibe here: you have rock-bottom at least once in this lifetime.

2.1 Pick yourself, dust yourself off, and start all over again

And you’ve picked yourself up and dusted yourself off, and started all over again.

You know what It means uprising.

Just make sure, that this time you don’t end a cycle just to begin another one, that might be just a repetition of the previous cycle. A different scenario, different people, same life-show… No.

It’s time now. Is always time to improve yourself, reinvent yourself.

2.2 Reinvent yourself

Remember Lavoisier’s Law? : “In nature, nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed”?

The phoenix-bird concept, Phoenician mythology, a bird that ends a cycle self-immolating itself, to rebirth from the ashes?

Or, if you like movies, you probably recall Catwomen, where the main character (Halle Berry) almost dies and is touched by the spirit of a cat and a new women uprises. More confident, more glowing, more self-assured.

You get the idea, right? Is all about the same subliminal message. Is all about Reinventing yourself.

But that doesn’t come in a day.  It comes from an idea of a future self you want to become. Healed from past emotional bruises, stronger, confident that you can handle it.

Change always comes from small steps, small things.  Small habits.

3. The 4 Pillars Of The Small Habits: Eat, Act and Think Like A King

Big changes within you always come from small habits, that compound day after day.

As it was said before: honor your path because it gave you the lesson you need to improve.

Analyzing doesn’t have to mean you have to feel the pains all over again by remembering them.

“Up from a past rooted in pain,
And I'll rise ”

Lyrics from “Like a King /I’ll Rise" by Ben Harper

Detach from it. Look at it as an outsider would. No emotions in it. And see what characteristic of yours, habit, trait, skill-lack of yours had a big role in the results you’ve had.

And start by implementing new small habits, daily, to improve yourself, to become that king.

3.1 The King's Wealth

If you don’t have a second income source: start working on that. One thing Covid has taught everyone is about uncertainty.

And having more than one income source is being self-reliant if uncertainty hits again.

Implement a small daily habit, apart from your regular professional activity, that feeds your wealth.

If have to learn something new: learn.

Define one or two hours of your day to dedicate yourself to it.

Take care of the King’s Wealth.

“I laugh,
Like I've got an oil well pumpin' in my living room”

Lyrics from “Like a King /I’ll Rise" by Ben Harper

3.2 The King's Health

What you eat has a direct impact on your mood.

Using your body to exercise has a direct impact on your mood – and your posture.

“(..) did you want to see me broken,
Bowed head and lowered eyes,
Shoulders fallen down like teardrops,(…)
Don't you take it awful hard 'cause I walk,
Like I've got a diamond mine breakin' up in my front yard.”

Lyrics from “Like a King /I’ll rise by Ben Harper

Focus on that one small action. Daily. When it becomes a  habit: you won’t feel like an effort. You’ll do it naturally.

Is it your nutrition that has been neglected? Is it exercise your body is missing?

Is it weight issues?

Focus on one thing that you’ve realized is your major obstacle. And do that one thing that comes as a solution and take that action daily: ‘till it becomes a habit. A new habit. Have that discipline.

It doesn’t have to be a 1-hour exercise daily: it can be 10 minutes of exercise. As long as it becomes a habit.

You don’t have to cut all fat and carbohydrates for good. As long as you set a reasonable quantity, and be strict to that quantity, daily. Until that discipline becomes a habit.

If you think you need professional help to quit some nasty habit: don’t hesitate to get help.

Yes, is a huge emotional step: but that king in you, wanting to arise, deserves that much.

3.3 The King’s Self

Dedicate yourself, daily to an activity that promotes self-growth.

  • Support yourself

Take a few seconds before asleep to make a mental checklist on what went you did right in the day. Your king deserves that self-approval.

  • Take a few moments of the day to visualize

Is a great tool for self-improvement, whatever you want to become, to experience. Visualize it until is so real that makes you smile out of joy.

  • Dedicate yourself to doing something you enjoy.

It might that be a learning a new skill, might be personal growth, might be your favorite hobby, learning to meditate, journaling to exorcise your demons or just to praise you, or reading about sone determined subject you want to have more profound knowledge. Call it “Me Time”: and have fun doing it.

3.4 The King’s Social

Make sure that you are surrounded by people who support you in this phase.

If people (toxic) just feed off your energy even if it is a close relative, limit their access to you. Cut them off of your circle, if you can.

If necessary: set up a seven-nation army for this kind of people.

The energy you waste on those people is the energy you are not using to build your king’s self.

Choose well.

And make sure to nurture your people: the ones who love you and have your best interest in mind. Make sure to do it daily. It’s good for them. It’s good for you. A thousand kisses deep... It’s a win-win.

Make sure that you work on the 4 areas, with one small new habit for each.

And do them until they become habits. You won’t see the change in one day: but you certainly will in weeks or a few months.

Mindset change.

4. Try the One Day Total Honesty: Like A king

Well: the internet days seem to be attractive to build false characters, avatars.

At some point, you can eventually feel lost. You don’t know who you are anymore.

And that is completely different from reinventing yourself. That’s’ living in a false self.

It may be confusing, if life crashing moment occurs and you're on that point you’re not you: you are the avatar.

When you show up in 3D life: you don’t like who you show up as.  But eventually, you don’t know what it means to be yourself anymore.

Let us say, that you feel that you have developed a habit of lying because you don’t want to deal with the consequences of saying the truth.

Let us say that in your previous phase you felt like an avatar in your own life. And this time you need it to be more real.

Set a day of the week for being completely honest.

You don’t have to be harsh with others.

You might be fearful that, by saying the truth, people are going to f*ucking hate you. Don't. Keep that thought away.

Instead, just say your truth from a place of love:

  • because you love yourself and,
  • because you are not willing to comply against yourself, enrolling in lying to others,
  • because you don't want to compromise the love and respect you have for yourself and for what you believe.

Choose the day of the week and experience that - no lying -  for 24 hours a week.

You will feel the relief, the freedom. And trust that you will be able to handle other people’s opinions, disapproval, whatever.

The most important thing, on that day of the week: is being true to yourself.

You will experience mental freedom on a huge level.  Just try it, with consistency.

If you value peace of mind: this is priceless.

5. Summary

This blog was inspired on a Ben Harper’s song, Like a king / I’ll rise.

The song talks about resilience, faith in the self and the ability to rise from the ashes.

The blog talks about a king, but in reality, is more of an emperor that you actually become, when you realize the power you have to improve yourself, even if you get help, no one does it for you, whether you realize it or not. It’s on you.

When those changes are made with conscious acts, you build up power to deal with whatever situation, comes your way, with any adversity.

Because your trust yourself you can acquire any skill needed to endeavor into whatever you want to achieve. Because you learned to do it once.

And when you change yourself: you change your life.

Getting Better Every Day

King's & Queen's Hugs

From Body&Soul!

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