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Personal Growth Commitments, End-Year Balance (2021)

Yes: people often separate personal growth from professional growth.

Hum… Doesn’t feel accurate…  Nor fair.

If you work 8 hours a day (1/3 rd of your day). working literally consumes a 1/3 rd of your vitality, 1/3rd of your life.

A 1/3rd of life and or vitality: that sounds a lot more personal now, doesn’t it?

If it's personal let’s include them in the “personal” category.

As personal as the rest: health, relationships, skills (personal or not).

They all revolve around one subject: you.

So: how was your year?

1. How Is Your End-Year Balance (2021)?

Did you achieve or put yourself on track with most of your goals set for 2021? Or you have forgotten them in 3rd week of the beginning year?

Kidding. Surely you’ve kept your goals in mind…

All this was to get to this point: have you made a balance of the year according to those settings?

It’s important to do it.

You might have to reevaluate some things,, others turned out to be less important than you figured out initially (no need to be ashamed of that) and vanish into thin air, others are long-run, in-course goals.

Have you checked the goals (checklist, written notes,  whatever you use to state them, that serves as a reminder), and what have you already done to go through with them?

Do you plan to correct the course on the long ones?

Have you considered eliminating others?

Flowing is awesome: if you actually are flowing. Flowing is that thing that you do it almost effortlessly, everything comes your way and things just align to your favor?  But even though: there’s work to be done. You have to put in the work. Little routine things The ones that compound...

And making the balance of this year that is practically done: will make you realize where you’re standing, towards your short-term, mid-term and long–term goals.

And remind yourself of them too.

This “balance “ will also help you set your goals, or goal, for the next year 2022 (a nice number as a matter of fact).

2022 is one set away: what about the next 10 years? How would you like to be living your life, how would you like to see yourself in 10 years?

2. Mid To Long Term Goals: How Would Like To Be Living Your Life In 10 Years?

Is not a bad idea to have a plan. 10-year plan.

A plan of what you would like your life to be, or look like, how you will feel like (professional activity, personal relations, hobbies..):  in ten years.

  • Make a vision of your life in the future: your Big Picture.
  • Picture it in a detailed frame: make scenarios of it. People around you, who are you sharing with, how is your daily routine, what do you do in professional activities, what d you do for leisure.
  • Then break it down into smaller pieces of the puzzle, small goals: the things you have to do, places you have to go, people, you have to reach out to,  skills you have to achieve in order to build the Big Picture.
  • Then make a plan of action. Put some legs on those dreams. Your plan of action will be the legs of your dreams.

Life is what happens in the journey. Period. But it won’t harm if you set a direction. Actually, it will help you feel it all meaningful.

How can you do that? Setting your goals in a way that is meaningful to you.

You’re going to say: obvious. Not so obvious.

Sometimes we set goals, following a social compass based on what family, friends, society, government, the Pope would say, or what expects from you. Discarding totally what is really meaningful to you.

And if or when you reach that: the feeling of void assaults you. Or even the price you pay is too high and doesn’t compensate for what you gain: the feeling of unfulfillment comes from one place only. Comes from the place of disregarding – because you didn’t know – what really is meaningful o you.

Remember you are not one facet only. You are a world and to have a balanced mixture of goals in your world, you should consider  setting them - mid and long term goals in around at least this 6 areas/ 6 goals:

  1. Career
  2. Health
  3. Relationships
  4. Money
  5. Personal development
  6. Spiritual development/community/leisure activities

It’s not a matter of how big your goals are: you can dream as big as you want. And you will achieve as big as you are willing to persevere.

But is important to have your goals well set.

3. Why Is It Important To Have Your Goals Well Set?

Why is it important to have your goals well set?

Because of the meaningful issue.

When you aim for something: you are going to have to make choices. Making choices is always easier when you have values to back yourself up to.

And if you disregard your core values: it will feel more like a loss than like a win, when and if you reach your goal(s).

Plus, when you’re standing on your core values: you’ll less likely feel discouraged in the journey: because you are pursuing something that is aligned with your values.

That, by myself, makes the journey meaningful.

Otherwise, you will feel like a heavy burden to carry on. You might easily give up. Or drive yourself insane.

Doing the work to analyze your values 5-10 major core values and make sure that your goals are supported by them: is work worth doing.

The book “ Coaching with NLP” by  Joseph O’Conner will help you, as an individual to do your own self-coaching and set your goals

4. Personal Growth: Commitment To ... Yourself!

No. This doesn’t mean being selfish. This doesn’t even mean doing it alone: after all you don’t really want to be by yourself.

It just means that you have to commit yourself to yourself. Be true to yourself.

Its’ ok to change your mind. Though: make your word meaningful: you Make your word worth. And when you say you will, and if you have reasons (special backed up by your values): then do it.

Or do your best to do it. Keep your word. You’ll be your very first witness: to your truths or to your lies. Your choice.

And if you keep your word: the first person to admire you, it will be you: that’s how you build self-confidence  Because you become trustworthy to yourself.

And personal growth comes naturally to you: you’ll naturally want to grow, you’ll aim to learning knew things – be always willing t learn has a major role in personal growth - and  you go do it. Because you know you can handle it: is that self confidence level.

That self confidence very intimate with personal growth.

Start thinking of what areas you want to grow, nurture, learn, evolve in 2022.

Put it on paper.  To make a balance on the final of the year.

Make an action plan: to implement daily, on a regular small consistent dose. As if it was an addiction.

Get addicted to making yourself grow...

Getting Better Every Day

Growth Hugs

From Body&Soul!


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