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Money: Use It To Buy Experiences, Not Just Things

1. Intro

Yes. Having money to buy stuff is good.

But if you use it to buy experience instead of things, stuff… You’ll feel a lot happier.

If buying stuff it’s just a compulsory activity that you use to have a rush on dopamine to fulfill some inner void…hum… Take a deeper thought and re-evaluate your relationship with money.

The “hum” isn’t a criticism. Is just a suggestion that you might have a tendency to buy to fill some emptiness you might feel. And that can happen with a monthly income of $1000 or a monthly income of $100 000.

And if the void is there with a bigger monthly income, the bigger the temptation you can possibly have of thinking that you can buy it all: including people.

It’s a perspective, a possibility: but at all enriching.

2. Why Buying Experiences Is More Rewarding

People who enjoy reading novels books, know the feeling of living many other lives, when walking in the minds, the stories of the characters of the book. And when you truly emerge within a book reading: you live it, you have experiences.

That’s why books are a form, of buying experiences: is like embodying other lives.

You get another perspective of things, you feel like you travel, you learn to understand many sorts of people.

Buying a book is a form of buying an experience.

That was an example.

Another common one is traveling to a different places.

Let us say money is not an issue… What would you buy?

3. Suppose Money Is Not An Issue: What Would Buy?

Option1: Using Money to Buy Material Things

There’s nothing wrong with acquiring things you can afford.

And if you can afford expensive things: you should enjoy them and enjoy the opportunity to buy them.

The important here is the perspective: those are things you buy, that make look good and feel good because you look good. That’s it. And if you use it well: you only buy what you need. Regardless of the price tag.

Yet still are things: is not a guarantee of happiness. You do not experience the frustration of “not buying” because “you can’t afford it”.

Then you buy. You get pleased with your purchase.  And that’s it.

And the rushes fade as soon as it’s no longer new. Dopamine. Instant pleasure. And you can’t rely on that to enjoy long-lasting feelings of happiness.

That kind of enduring happiness you can go get from your good memories whenever you need it.

Good experiences do that: long-lasting pleasure.

Option1: Using Money to Buy Experiences

You know that old saying “You can’t teach an old dog a new trick”? Well happens it isn't quite true.

Neuroscience knows more today about the neuroplasticity of the brain and it was actually shown through recent advances in fluorescent imaging, which made it possible to examine in greater detail the interplay between environmental stimuli and dendritic growth.

Experience can alter the neural circuitry in Adulthood.

When you experience something new, you are signaling genes. You are creating a new path of neurons: that is equivalent to installing a new program in the brain.

Learning , installing new program

When you experience something good, you are signaling genes: the genes of happiness.

Using the words of Dr. Joes Dispenza about mastering your emotions: “The prize of an experience is an emotion”.

When you experience new and good: you’re teaching your body new ways of feeling happy.

And as the body doesn’t work separated from the brain: you are creating new good memories.

And those good memories: you can go get, whenever you need a boost of enthusiasm.

Whenever you want. Whenever you need.

That‘s why using money to invest in experience: is long-lasting happiness. More than just buying things.

4. What Experiences Can You Buy?

Let’s skip the traveling one. It’s deserved leisure. It’s important. Is enrichening.

Especially if you reserve one or two days to dig in the surroundings and don’t just stick within the doors of a 5-star resort.

And go learn about how local people live, what local people eat, what local people believe. Of course, you won’t get a deep knowledge of that culture: but surely get enriched by it. A lot more.

But as said: let’s skip the traveling subject.

Besides traveling, what experiences can you buy? With more or less money? More exotic or less exotic experiences?

Base your choices on what drives you, on that metaphorical sweet tooth of yours, that thing you’re really fond of, focus on what makes you feel good just by thought alone, on what you are curious about - learning actually lasts a lifetime.

Here are some suggestions:

Money buy experiences
  • Air balloon;
  • Sky diving (or the brave-ones);
  • Take lessons to ride a boat or a brevet on piloting helicopter (Learning some new skill: riding horses, new language, learn to carve clay;
  • Learn Capoeira (Brazilian martial art)
  • Take tennis lessons;
  • Learn to play that instrument, that you thought about in your youth;
  • Rent a caravan for some holidays, instead of booking in a 5-star hotel, and explore some region on a road trip. When you get fed up: go get your 5-star hotel shower for a couple of days, and after that: hit the road back home...

Hope you have enjoyed reading this blog, it gave you ideas on how to spend money on new experiences, and actually invest in new ways of feeling - good.

Because, in the end, the experiences you buy? Is all about feeling good.

And gather a bank of all those good memories at hand when you need that boost in your winning mindset!

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