Transformation farewell Body&Soul

Cheers! And A Toast: To Transformation

It's Body&Soul farewell. And let's toast. To transformations.

Body&Soul was born in 2020 from a space of the heart: from the pains of ′′ growing up ′′ (or maturing, to be more precise) and from the tranquility of the soul, learned.

And it has been a genuine pleasure to open my heart every week to share what I have inside. Personal perspectives.

Ways I used to overcome some challenges that nobody sees.

Just like you had or have those struggles that nobody sees. And that hurt anyway. And they leave soul scars. The important thing is to heal from within. So that this does not represent a wall of blindness that prevents us from knowing how to plant and harvest other happy moments. 

But it is imperative, like almost everything in life, that there is transformation. And this is what we're talking about, transformation.

In my view: Body&Soul has fulfilled its humble purpose and now it is necessary to give way to new ways of being, it is necessary that we reinvent ourselves, it is necessary to free up space to make room for new things, for new rebirths to occur.

But there are 3 things I ask you to do for yourself

NEVER give up on yourself

And you exist here, as you show yourself, but your essence is in those dreams/desires that sometimes you don't even allow yourself to reveal: but that's where the "secret sauce" of your existence lies, what lights you up from the inside out and it brings a point of light to others as well.

Choose yourself first

It is not selfishness if it comes from a place of love (inevitably, self-love) and not vanity or rude selfishness.

Only then will you understand the meaning of knowing how to be happy. And happy people make others happy. Those that matter.

It's clear that the "haters" don't give a sh*t about your happiness.

It's not that you're going to hate them: it's just not wise to make decisions in your life, to please or even displease "haters". Those are not the most suitable people to choose as your center of decisions.

Always choose GROWTH

Is there any fear?

Who doesn't feel it at times?

But stagnation is death.

And if you find yourself in a physical or mental space that no longer serves you, and that doesn't support your growth: it's time to change something about you.

But make your decisions not because you're running away from something that scares you, but because you want to meet something that excites you. There is a big difference.

And this being said, find ways to be today, better than you were yesterday

Here on our side, let's apply Lavoisier's Law to Body&Soul:

"In nature, nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed".

Let's transform. Until then: kisses and hugs.

Doing it in such a way that today, we're becoming better than yesterday.

Transformação, Adeus Body&Soul

Getting Better Every Day

Transformational Hugs

From Body&Soul!

Hey! I'm Eunice Veloso and you'll find more about me on my About Page

"In nature, nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed"

Antoine Lavoisier, 1789

The Law of the Conservation of Mass

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