April 2021

Positive Impact. Compound Effect

Positive impact. We all want to be meaningful. To someone. To many. One thing is sure: we should be meaningful to ourselves. The compound effect might be a way.

white tailed eagle, adler, sunset

How do you shift, when you feel stuck in low emotions? Before anything else you should know what are the “Low Emotions”. Here’s a diagram with the spiral of emotions: ascending and descending emotions. That will help you identify those little big devils. One thing you should be aware of is that the elevated emotions

movement, work, clock

Spending time alone Spending time alone might be difficult when you work on a 9 by to five basis, by the end of the day you aim to go home and rest. No just physical rest: mind rest. But then you go home and you have to give a little bit more. Family needs, assistance,

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