Enjoy Life More… Out Of The Little Things

Enjoy life more. Out of the little things.

Little Things’ Trigger Moment

Group meditation to envision the future. The mentor who was guiding the meditation, started by mentally placing us in a space/local we enjoy. I traveled back to the city of my childhood. Lagos (Portugal). Beautiful little town by the sea. I lived in that Portuguese little town from 3 years old to my 13th birthday. Between Saturday catechism class and Saturday mass, I used to go to the nearby pontoon. (leaving the church on my back, only had to cross an avenue and on the other side it was where the river converged with the sea). Simply loved to go there, just to feel the sea breeze on my face, and look at the seaside, in the direction that, back then I thought Angola would be. A little nostalgic,  maybe, about my, back then, unknown home-country. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed that half-hour pause (in between my religious responsibilities), with the seaside breeze on my face. And just by reminding me of that joy, brought that same ole joy again. The little things.

The Little Things

Do you have those days when you feel unmotivated? There are days like that.

”People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing: that’s why we recommend it daily” – Zig Zaglar

Dayly motivation is recommended

Take a brief analysis of yourself.

One of these three hungers needs to be well-fed:

Feed Your Body Well

  1. The body is conceived to move. You might just need movement. Whether they are collective sports (restricted now with the pandemic), individual physical activity, a paced walk or simply dancing in your living room to a tune that gives you joy? Just move.
  2. Reduce your sugar consumption. If you’re feeding yourself with too much sugar or excess carbs, this “sugar-overdose” has effects on your brain functioning, mood swings, depression, and anxiety. Make sure your meals are balanced and rich in vegs and fruits.

Feed Your Mind Well

The old paths in your brain, the same habits, might just not be enough, and might not challenge you anymore. You need to feed your brain with new stuff. Make it useful

  1. Learn a new thing. The brain learns by repetition. You know: those habits you have – good or bad – they’re in auto-pilot now because you’ve learned and repeated enough times to become a habit. Why not use that same brain skill to learn something new? … Or, you might want that too: unlearn something that serves you no more? Why not?
    • Take guitar lessons, piano lessons;
    • Start some kind of exercise, some new physical routine;
    • Choose some theme of your interest and learn about it on the internet (sites, blogs, youtube channels, plenty of offers…) Do it consistently. Commit yourself to 20 minutes every day during what? 30 days? 30 days. Why not?
    • Start reading a book
  2. Breath consciously. Sometimes all your mind needs, to take off the mess of negative thoughts and disabling feelings that drain your energy, is oxygen. Take 5 deep breaths.
    • Inhale  (count up to 4)
    • Sustain (count up to 16)
    • Exhale (count up to 8)
    • Do this to help you de-accelerate, if you’re starting to get a little anxious (and head spinning with 20 thousand chaotic thoughts, and the heart races as if you had wild horses inside and you feel like you have an apple in your throat…)

Feed Your Spirit Well

Feeding you’re soul is not necessarily being religious. I just have that space of cult inside of you, that makes me feel at peace with yourself. If you’re a church person: go to church. If you’re not, you can find it very rewarding to do other little things. Examples?

  1. Take a few minutes of your day to be grateful to people that are important to you. Or were in some particular moment of your life. Dead or alive person.
    • I learned this strategy on an online course with Dr. Pedro Calabrez (training called “Journey of self-development). It’s kind of a blessing: reflects on the way you perceive and react to situations;
    • How do you do it? Think of 3 to 4 people that are pilar in you’re life: existing or non-existing. One of them is you, as a child;
    • Picture them smiling, touch their hand, tell them you love them;
    • Tell them you’re grateful for them being a part of your life. Thank them for the positive contribution they gave so that you’ve become the person you are today. Honor them. Honor your life journey.
  2. Practice Presence: at least once a day do something totally present. You’re not thinking of anything else but the thing you’re doing. Might be as simple as eating your meal, and drinking your coffee. Be present. No drifting: just enjoying it with your 5 (6?) senses, if possible.
  3. Plant a tree. Or plant in a pot. Very soul-soothing. Life caring for life.
  4. Donate 10% of your earnings. Volunteer. Help someone in anything just for the sake of helping.

Little things are little magic moments you bring into your day.

Sometimes, the little things aren’t enough. You need more than joy to keep on walking.. Then you’ll have to hang on to your Big Thing.

The Big Thing

If you don’t have one, you might need a big thing. To keep walking further, to grow. A kind of Life Book that covers the main areas in your life that you want to see fulfilled. Long-term goals or goals. Your goals: not the lifestyle sold on media or someone else’s goals. Your goals, according to your values – what’s really important for you.

A vision of your-future-you.

There are many tools, communities, and self-development channels in the range. I know that my perspective started really changing once a took a real serious thought and put it down to writing what I wanted. Besides the car, the house, and the traveling. Plan yours. Envision it. Combined with an elevated emotion.

Check out the diagram on which emotional states you usually are in. If, most of the time you find yourself on a downward spiral of emotions: you must rethink how you manage your emotions. It’s time to let go of that laziness and put work on the self. Get professional help if that’s the case.

I want people to believe in their future more than they believe in their past. I want them to be more in love with their future than they are  with the past” – Joe Dispenza


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