Positive Impact. Compound Effect

Positive Impact and The Compound Effect. On you? On Others?

Positive impact on you, on others? We all want to be meaningful. To someone. To many. Thursday moment on “twins day” ( that was 22nd, and the number 22 reminds me of twins – I call it twins-day). Last Thursday-twins-day had this “episode”.

Positive Impact of Thursday-Twins-Day-Episode

The episode on Thursday had this mystic moment (at least for me It was)  when I went to buy bread and bananas the other day. A man reached out to me on the way out and passed me a bag with fruits (I saw him inside the store) saying that he “Had To Give Something to Someone” if I cared to Receive? I looked at his eyes and I had his perception of good intent. I didn’t want to break it. The chain.

Of course, “Suspicious Me” thought immediately, what if it has poison and right after that, I recalled a YouTube video that I have seen the day before and her voice resonated on my mind: Learn to Receive.  These were just my quick thoughts: I didn’t hesitate to receive them. Thanked him with smiling eyes. The masks are still on.

That was in the early morning. I received it as a blessing. Because that’s what I felt like.

And so I wouldn’t break the chain, I passed it on (gave her half of it) to the helper that takes care of the mother. Us to be clear: just explaining how it happened. Not trying to polish any supposed external image.

The all-day-long I felt this with me. The kind gesture of giving something to someone. The blueprint that sticks with the person that receives: I thought to myself: I have to pay it forward. So I won’t break the chain. I have to pay it forward.

Pay It Forward Concept And The Compound Effect

Positive Impact Pay It Forward

Pay it Forward is a movie with Kevin Spacy and Helen Hunt-

Here’s the movie’s trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfW0wCV9iFI

We all have movies that put some blueprint on our personality. This event (Thursday-twins-day event) reminded me of the movie “Pay it Forward” that I saw so many years ago.

In sum: this kid, in elementary school presented a project which intention was to spread good-did all over the world. One person does a good-did to another but the idea isn’t receiving back: the receiver has to pay forward to three people. Pay forward.

He used the Compound formula applied to massive transformation on a small community.

The Compound Formula

The Compound Formula is like this acording to wikipedia :

Compound Interest Formula

If you wanna learn more about compound interest follow this link: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/c/compoundinterest.asp

But maybe, simplified with numbers is more impactful for your understanding. Take a look at this:

Compound Effect

In this example, he considered a rate of around 3,5% … But you get the picture: If you put an initial investment of 1 unit and invest a consistent amount of 0,01 during 365 days (one year), by the end of the year you’ll get 37,8 units of profit.

If you use, as an initial investment a value inferior in 0,01 make that same investment through a year: you’ll get less than you started with.

Suppose you’re talking about yourself, self-development. And unit (one)  here: is you. About You. As whole.

You as Whole and the Compound Effect Transported to Self-Development

Using that same reasoning of The Compound Effect on self-development, personal change, in your life:

  1. If you’re whole in your intent, in your quest, whatever your pursue is… If you do that small, daily consistent thing, it will manifest in a transformation, a change. A big change. Might be your big exit.
  2. If your initial investment is less than the entire when you take from you instead of adding when you make concessions that might compromise your values, the ones that really matter to you, your integrity as a person: you end up with less than you started with.

Think it through. It’s worth it. Applying the Compound Effect whether is for interests, whether is for personal matters.

Compound Effect might be used as a mental anchor to keep you grounded, in these days where everything must be fast. Including fast rewards

Might be easy to be lost on the way towards your desired life changes, doing the steps towards your goals.

But if you keep in mind the Compound Effect, treat It like treasure, and make that small effort, those small steps, every day,  towards your goal(s), you’ll have your big change in the long run.

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