January 2021

Boost Your Immune System. Let’s face it. This Covid is testing us. Testing our creativity to find solutions to practical issues. Testing our sanity – to live through confinement and social restrictions. Testing our immune system, which is affected both by our emotions and by our physical estate. Just Between Us I have not been […]

Congruency. That is the question. Are you congruent? Am I congruent? Do you question yourself about this? I’m not talking about what society expects from you, what your friends and family expect from you. I’m talking about what you expect from yourself. Conscious. Subconscious. Unconscious About the conscious mind, I don’t have much to say.

I’m not an anxious person. Wasn’t and still am not. But I recall having two panic crisis. I think we can agree here, that behind the panic crisis, there’s probably a cycle of anxiety. A foreshadowing of something that manifested itself a few years later. But that’s not the issue. Anxiety is. The two I

Reminded me of a book I read, a long time ago, I was still in college, had a part-time job on a book store. Paulo Coelho, a Brazilian writer, was starting to be popular in Portugal. The book was “The Alchemist”. Told a tale of a shepherd, from Andalusia – Spain. While resting he dreamt

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