Congruency. That is the question. Are you congruent? Am I congruent? Do you question yourself about this? I’m not talking about what society expects from you, what your friends and family expect from you. I’m talking about what you expect from yourself.

Conscious. Subconscious. Unconscious

About the conscious mind, I don’t have much to say.

But I confess (and this is really a confession) that I was somewhat confused by the concepts of the subconscious mind and unconscious mind. But now is clear, the difference.

I asked, directly (how I like to ask my questions) and they answered me directly, just as I love to receive the answers. And the person answered in a simple way that any 2-year-old child would understand… I would say…

So, in a simple way, it was explained to me like this: conscious is what we do, with the awareness that we are doing it.

Subconscious actions are those activities that we do out of habit and don’t even realize we are doing them. Examples: driving, brushing teeth, reacting in the same way to the same impulses (as if we were Pavlov dogs).

The unconscious mind is everything we have in our genetic program. The inherited or what we built by our experiences.

Most of us don’t even know is there – but that regulates a huge percentage (and I hear of values ​​above 80%) of our decision-making, daily.

Where do I want to go with this? To congruence. Coherence.

When we find congruence between the conscious mind, the subconscious, and the unconscious, it is easier to express ourselves in life in a fluid way.

Everything seems simple, things just seem to engage very easily. Flow state.

It almost seems like luck – but I don’t believe such thing.

Heading to congruence?

The states of internal conflict – and we don’t always recognize Its presence, but when they are there,  they manifest through blockages.

The problem of incongruities, in addition to clearly living in a misfitted way, not about others, but oneself – is that, ultimately, it degenerates into diseases. Physical and/or psychosomatic disorders.

“Balance growes out of congruence between the head and the heart.” 

-Rajendra Muthye

Meditation as a means to have more congruency.

Meditation helps to diminish the states of autopilot, to have more moments of full presence.

With persistence or professional help, we are even able to bring the shadows of the unconscious (the one that regulates a large part of our life, the “program”) to the fore.

And what is no longer hidden, can no longer manipulate. We might even control it, reprogram it.

A working project, that’s what we are. A working process.

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