Boost Your Immune System. Take Care Of Your Body (Part 1)

<strong>Boost Your Immune System<strong>

Boost Your Immune System. Let’s face it. This Covid is testing us. Testing our creativity to find solutions to practical issues. Testing our sanity – to live through confinement and social restrictions. Testing our immune system, which is affected both by our emotions and by our physical estate.

Just Between Us

I have not been the same since I was told we have neurons in the heart and the intestine.
Suddenly expressions like ” Thinking with the heart” or “Can feel it in my gut” made a lot more sense. I literally started listening to my body. What I mean to say is, and it’s well known by now: there is a very intimate functioning relationship between the body, the mind, emotions, and our perception of reality.

Physical Estate/Emotions/Thoughts

There’s a communication, an intimacy, between Physical Estate/Emotions/Thoughts.
Our physical state (what we eat, what we do, how we move) influences our emotions (how we feel), our emotions affect our thoughts (conscient or unconsciously).

The other way around works too: our thoughts affect our emotions and they affect our physical estate. We, human beings, are A Bio-Psychological System.

When is balanced: it functions well and it manifests.

When it’s out of balance: there’s manifestation too. Whether is a physical disease or an emotional disease. It manifests.

Lets go do it ! Boost Your Immune System

Exercise is fundamental for your immune system. Everyone knows that. Today I’m choosing to focus on little food tricks, habits that really boost the immune system combined with a simple physical stress-killer.
I’m going to propose here 2 ways to do it. There are other ways. I’ve been using this. 

1.  Use Lemon Warm Water to Boost Your Immune System:

Lemmon is bitter in taste. Actually, on the PH scale, lemon is alkali. Bacteria and deformed cells feed themselves and grow in acid environments. When you drink warm lemon water you’re actually balancing the blood PH, alkalizing the internal environment of the body, and making it hard for bacteria, germs, and bad cells to reproduce themselves.

<strong>Boost Your Immune System<strong> lemmon water

You should use warm water to avoid thermal shock internally.

Squeeze half a lemon (or a few drops if you’re resistant to the bitter taste of the lemon) into a cup of warm water and take it.

C vitamin diminishes considerably in contact with air (reacts with the oxygen). For more benefits take it within 15-30 minutes after squeezing the lemon. Should be taken in the morning, before the first meal.

2.  Detox Your Body to Boost Your Immune System with this delicious and easy to do Detox  Green Juice. Should be done once or twice a week

<strong>Boost Your Immune System green juice<strong>

Detox juice does what its name says: detox. Detox the organism from the “garbage” that we eat and the body can’t use. The body can’t throw it all out, without help. We have 3 ways to eliminate the waste that the body produces: urine, feces, and sweat.

The detox gives a little help to our internal cleaning.

  • Here’s how to do it in a juice machine, squeezing into a glass:
    1(one) cabbage leaf (medium to big)
    1 one) garlic clove
    1 (one) green apple
  • Separately, squeeze manually half a lemon and add to the previous juice
  • Sweeten  the juice with a desert-spoon of honey or in an amount you wish… And is ready to drink!

Notes: you can use any other  green leaf, such as lettuce or a handful of watercress, use ginger instead of garlic, add cucumber, add beets. Many variants.

You really feel light and clean after drinking it.

I prefer this simple and delicious recipe for juice.

I like mine green, spicy and bitter-sweet.

Immunological Greetings to Everyone!

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