What If? The Pursuit Of A Dream

Reminded me of a book I read, a long time ago, I was still in college, had a part-time job on a book store. Paulo Coelho, a Brazilian writer, was starting to be popular in Portugal. The book was “The Alchemist”. Told a tale of a shepherd, from Andalusia – Spain. While resting he dreamt that he had a treasure hidden somewhere. That caused him such an impression, he took it as a sign from the universe: he decided to follow the dream and search for his treasure. He sold his herd and started his journey. He traveled to foreign countries; he faced the desert. He met danger, he met good people, he had to make choices along the way of course, choices that would possibly take him closer to his treasure.
He found his treasure but not in any of the countries of destiny. The most valuable lesson that book brought to me was about that movement, about that needed change, that different path that needed to be taken. Full of uncertainties.
He only discovered his treasure because he dared to go after his dream.

Explore the world of possibilities.
May be, what links us all here, in SFM, might mean that. The pursuit of a dream. Ok: COVID-19 created these conditions, confinement, the idea of creating an extra-income or even a principal activity…
But, could it be, the idea was already there, somewhere inside? And now finally, found room to grow… Maybe we are all a bit of Paulo Coelho’s shepherd…
I must confess by that time, when I read that book, in my twenties, my ideal life was working in part-time and dedicate the other half of the day to my family – husband, kids if I had them… That was me, dreaming.
Today the idea of working with my laptop and internet sounds silver-lining. Partially it is the dream taking its initial form.
Follow that dream, whatever it is that brought you here. That brought me here. Persevere.   

It might sound that I am already having revenue, that I am already succeeding selling on Amazon, or on affiliate marketing or creating my own brand… That is not the case. Yet.

But it is a fact that there are people out there doing it: selling, making digital marketing. So, if they can: I can. You can.

And, because, “Life without music would be  mistake”, and I’m quoting someone, here are some  “classic” songs that this post reminded me of  (hope you enjoy it):

 Just say to yourself: “I’ve got dreams to remember” (Ottis Redding)

Make sure that you… “Try (Just a little bit harder)” by Janis Joplin

So you can fin your… “Personal Paradise” by Danny K.

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