November 2021

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Your vitality is off and you don’t understand why? Most likely you’re draining energy to vampires, those blood-suckers.

We’re not talking about anemia or (…)

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Choose to be accountable instead of feeling guilt, choose to be grateful instead of resentful. To feel a lot better.
(…) toxic positivity? It isn’t: it works.

Crush, limerence, obsession, love

It’s about your Crush …The subject could be any passion. But it’s not. You know:t hat quasi-obsession…
What is life without passion? It wouldn’t be worth it…

Mental Hygiene

Clean air in your lungs, clean air in your brain. How can you get more Mental Hygiene with basic O2?
It is such a basic and natural activity, often neglected…

Good enough. Be enough, Phoenix-bird

Sometimes we catch ourselves thinking “Am I good enough?” … Instead of comparison, yourself to others: just enter into Phoenix. The bird that rebirth from ashes.

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