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Vitality is Off? Draining Energy To Vampires: 8 Blood-Suckers

Your vitality is off and you don’t understand why? Most likely you are draining energy to vampires, those blood-suckers.

We’re not talking about anemia or about those exquisite people from terror movies, with giant canines that salivate while staring at your carotid artery ... But surely very is similar.

Because energy is life. And life is energy.

And the right balance occurs when the energy you get/receive equals the energy you put out.

When an imbalance occurs (input versus output of energy): it produces disease. Real sickness. Mental and, or physical disease.  And it’s all very intertwined

We human beings are perfect body and mind ecosystems that exchange energy with the environment: giving and receiving.

And we, accountable as we are, we’re supposed to protect our energy, in case we notice some vampire is sucking it off.

Let us identify a few (8), so the next time we feel it, (yes it’s all about feeling) we know exactly how to stop it (cut the source) and prevent it from draining us off.


I bet you are.

Vampire 1 – Unhealthy Relationships

Is the same as saying: toxic relationship.

Relationships that are unhealthy make you sick. Literally: it can get you chronic stress. And people with chronic stress suffer from autoimmune diseases,  heart disease, obesity, and depression.

If they don’t enthusiasm you or inspire you to be a better human being, if they aren’t morally supportive,  if they don’t celebrate your wins, if they don’t help you grow ( growth is not just about money) because you spend way too much time defending yourself, if they don't let you blossom out: it’s toxic.

It creates an imbalance in you: you give too much for little or nothing in return. Nothing that you value and that assures re-establishment of inner energy.

Just an example to reflect on what a toxic substance can do to you. You get food poisoning, You become attached to the toilet. You don’t know which side to turn, whether if you sit on the “throne” or if throw up in it… By the end of the day, you get very dehydrated.

That’s what a toxic relationship does to you: they dehydrate you. Emotionally.




Recognize these feelings?

Well: those are the symptoms of coexistence, excess of exposure, too much socializing with toxic people. They dehydrate you at a soul level.

Those symptoms are a consequence of their constant bombarding on criticizing you, diminishing you, disrespecting you, abusing you. Directly or indirectly.

It’s draining.

They do it because you have something they want: your energy.

Whether might that be joy, enthusiasm, inner or outside beauty, youth: could be anything that they realize you have and they don’t. Whether you acknowledge that you have it or not.

They do it because you let them (boundaries issues: internal or external)

They do it because they get a “high” on stealing your energy: makes them feel they have power over you.

Toxic people might be “friends”, relatives, coworkers, bosses, even strangers.

The best thing to do? Protect your energy.

Give them as little attention as possible. People that know you well are wanting a reaction from you: to make sure the extortion is resulting. To re-establish to themselves their power over you. Don’t feed the vampires. Let them starve.

Give them as little time as possible. If they are relatives: show that you’re always too tired – no energy – to deal with them, too tired to argue… A vampire is only interested in you when you have something to give to them.

And about bosses? Well: consider that no job can be more important than your mental sanity. If sanity goes: you can’t work properly. If it threatens your sanity: get a “divorce”. Thoughtfully, of course: everyone carries responsibilities.

Vampire 2 – Uncommitting To Your Word

To others. But especially to yourself. May your "No" be a "No" and your "Yes" be a "Yes".

It’s alright to change your mind. This means you have the intelligence to recognize an error and realign the course of events. But you can’t always be changing your mind, according to the liquidity of the world, mood, or other people's opinions.  That means trouble.

Adaptability makes you survive. Determination and persistence make you thrive.

If you're not sure: think I through before you decide. The best way to decide is to ask yourself some questions:

  •  If the possible decision is according to what you really want.
  •  If the possible decision is aligned with your goals and core values (not the ones of some corporation, or some community).  Remember that some world tragedies (Holocaust is an example) happened just because "people were just doing their jobs"
  • If it will make you happy and proud of yourself,

When we value our word, we become trustworthy to ourselves: And that’s where self-confidence is consolidated.

When you don’t stick to your word: you will have loads of energy wasted on feelings of self-disappointment. As if you’ve abandoned yourself. Especially if you’re falling into what you really want.

Vampire 3 – People Pleasing

The expression by Itself, for what it means: it’s immediately exhausting.

Exhausting like only an energy vampire can get you.

People, that feel the need to be always agreeable, fearing saying “No” because they believe that’s a way to receive love from their counterpart? They can get to levels of frustration really high.

Many times these people neglect their own basic human needs in order to fulfill other people's calls and needs, believing that in return… they’ll receive love.

In most cases, in return they receive abuse. And more abuse, until they solve the root cause (normally childhood trauma) of the need or habit to be a people pleaser.

Vampire 4 - Overthinking.

Ruminating, chewing up situations, and not getting to any solution.  Even worst if it’s overthinking over the past. It’s done. It can’t be changed.

You can and should analyze what went wrong, what could you’ve done better. Then let it rest: let yourself rest.

Learn from the situation to try to do better next time something similar occurs.

If you can mend it: do it.

And then forgive yourself.

If you’re acted against by someone: forgive them. Forgive to release yourself from the burden of resentment.

Do It because you deserve peace. Do it out of selfishness, not because of them, but because of you.

If it’s overthinking over the future: just don’t.

Planning is good: keeps you focused.

Overthinking over the future is not so good: It will only create overwhelming anxiety, thinking of the many variables of hypothetical problems that are a creation of yours.

(If you have to create something about the future: create something that empowers you. That thing yes, it's good Karma : it motivates you to act in the present towards that vision.)

Just say to yourself, that you have a plan and trust it, trust that you have or can acquire the skills  (personal or professional)  you need, and anything that happens along the way: You Can Handle It.

Repeat it like a mantra.

Vampire 5 – Negativity

Ok: being able to see the dark side of things,  gives you a broader vision.. Nothing wrong with that: what value would tranquility have if we knew not restlessness? Who would value love if they didn’t know stress?

But being only able to see the worst-case scenario?

Too heavy. Too much drama for a person to handle and feel some happiness now and then.

Besides negativity puts your focus on the problems and not on the solutions. Doesn't put you in a creative mode.

And that’s energy wasted on this vampire.

Vampire 6 – Scrolling On Social Media

Who hasn’t done it?

You have some half an hour off, don’t know exactly what to do, and then boom: you decide to check on social media and it starts the addictive thing, that you do with your finger… And you don’t find anything interesting to gossip or any video to listen to, and you keep on doing that thing with the finger.

When you finally decide to stop it: your mind is exhausted of so many images rolling so fast in front of your eyes… What did you get?

Zero. Except for a  lack of energy that you can’t believe it’s possible to get so tired of so few? minutes of doing absolutely nothing.

And the feeling of frustration in loops for “what I’m doing here?”

Just stop it.

If there’s nothing interesting there to read: stop it.

Go use your hands on other things. Do dishes, water your plants, go journaling, dance, go for a walk outside, go be creative in something, whatever: use the body (in a healthy way, of course), not just the thumb to scroll.

Vampire 7 – Unhealthy Diet

Yes, it can be an energy drainer, just as unhealthy relationships: it can make you sick.

Because you put your whole digestive system functioning, for poor food (junk food, excess of sugar, excess of carbohydrate at the wrong time of the day, or excess of food in general).

And it doesn’t give you what you need to function properly – brain activity and body energy.

And then you feel exhausted, overreactive in some situations, or not enough alertness in others because… Your feeding wasn’t reasonably balanced.

Maybe you should consider that possibility if you feel drained.

Vampire 8 – Unexpressed Emotions

That’s also a big catch of energy.

In a certain way, is a kind of toxic relationship. But this turn is your relationship with yourself: you are your own bully.

Suppressing emotions create physical stress and all other diseases associated with stress.

Unexpressed emotions become a heavy burden, are going to compound, and get heavier in the long run: it will drain you to exhaustion.

You should consider some form of expressing yourself – to transform that heavy burden that you carry into something else.

Life is about transformation (Lavoisier's Law of Conservation of the Mass)

Getting Better Every Day

Vitalizing Hugs

From Body&Soul!

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