Just like lava, The Beautiful Destruction

The Beautiful Destruction Is Just Like Lava. Embrace The Change

Yes, you read it well: destruction, not a distraction. And it can be beautiful, really beautiful. If you know how to embrace change.

 And it is just like volcanic lava. As long as you see it as soil devastated by lava: it becomes even more fertile after the eruption.

If the soil is you: the process can be very transformative in a positive way, making you become stronger, more resilient, and more creative in finding solutions.

After a volcano eruption, the years that follow are of increased harvest, for the volcanic deposits are natural fertilizers.

Is not about the geology here: it’s about human life. Each and every one of us. Anyone's life.

There are moments, periods, and phases that might seem like a volcano has erupted to destroy everything we’ve built, including pillars, and many life concepts (and pre-concepts) we had before the “Lava”.

It can represent a clean slate beginning if, we take the “lavas’ nutrients”   which in this case is a metaphor for the life lessons that the beautiful destruction brings.

And destruction is only beautiful if you are focused on the now but looking ahead to what you will build, instead of regretting what was destroyed and is no longer there.

The pain of destruction

Destruction is painful. It hurts.

And let's face it: often destruction is just destruction There’s nothing beautiful in it.

You know that destruction is just destruction when all it’s left is the worst of you: bitterness, resentment, jealousy, and feelings of revenge.

We all go through those phases, through those feelings: and we do have to process them. After that, we’re supposed to take them to the next level.

In theory, this should not be more bitterness, resentment, jealousy, or even more revenge.

If we stay there, destruction is just it: ugly, a desert of hopelessness and circular pain.

But hopefully, destruction becomes beautiful destruction.

When destruction becomes a Beautiful Destruction

We all pass our share of pain. You do remember those phases that just changed everything in your life: and nothing went back to how it was?

We all have those life shifts.

And sometimes, when we think we have it all figured out, and life won’t catch us by surprise anymore and… Next thing you know: more of the same happens. It feels like a cold shower: we just get frozen, perplexed.

Those are key moments when we really have to take a deep, deep dive into our belief system, and our decision process: rearrange something, reframe, and question some of our beliefs that got us in that same desperate place in life.

When we feel like “dejá vu” at its worst. Not “dejá vu” magical. It’s more like a “dejá vu” nightmare.

Just like lava : the Beautiful Destruction

That is because some life lesson was not learned. There’s some shift that needs to happen.

And it’s in your heart it’s in the management of your emotions it’s in your neurocircuitry that leads to decisions that lead you to the same ole places, to the same ole situations.

And while it remains: destruction is just destruction. And it’s devastating.

It becomes a beautiful destruction when we learn the life lesson and we turn s*it into gold: and bring out one or more of our best qualities at the forefront.

Is not necessarily easy, we might not understand at the first time around, what is the life lesson that needs to be learned. It will certainly ask for a change: and might not be an apparent change: it might take work.

Daily work to see the results. Sometimes all takes is saying "No" to certain patterns, when we recognize them.

And then that’s when destruction loses its ugly face and becomes beautiful.

Because it was that destruction that represented the fertile soil for something else to emerge. Something better, some change within you.

Embrace Change – because that’s where the beauty lies

We have a tendency to face the “lava moments” in our lives and attribute blame to others. True: most of the time, the “others” play an important role in those destruction moments.

But we have to be aware that those people also have their lessons in life. They may act like villains in our lives: they have their own personal villains. We’re all just experiencing life here.

It takes a lot of arrogance towards life to think that we can perpetrate as the “one who is going to give you a life lesson” and depending on the intention behind it: it comes with a prize or a price.

Karma is real.

And we’re all kinds of conveyors of life lessons: they can be pleasant or harsh lessons.

Many are consequences of our choices: others are served to our table without what we even ordered,  and we have to deal with the cleaning of the table (the consequences) either way.

You can’t counterattack the wave of change that “lava”  brings into your life: you have to embrace the change, not go against it. Is just like lava.

But the main character in your life is you: and it's up to you to make the piece of art with the piece of clay that life thrown at your hands: and mold it.

If the futures seems uncertain…

Does the future seem uncertain? Trust the unknown.

Yes, it sounds like a horror movie if we’re that kind of people that needs to have it all figured out but life at times, gives you no other choice.

What’s your one (at least) power? Your vision of the future. And if it’s based on your truest soul needs: it will fuel you to walk a long, long way.

Your vision of the future will prevent you from staying stuck looking at the past, stuck at what you lost.

If somewhat of you believe you had no control over the destruction - the lava moment, that took place, you certainly have some control over what you can build afterwords, despite of the uncertainty associated with new phases.

And what you can build should be based on some sort of vision of the future.

So if it is uncertain: why should you be dreaming small? Why should you be reasonable? Why not be somewhat unrealistic? Why not have a vision that scares the s*it out of you?

Yes we’ve used this quote in this Body&Soul space  more than once and is claimed by many authors, but here it goes again:

“If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.”

~Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

And the bigger the dream, the farther you’ll walk.

And the more they are connected to your soul’s desire, the more energy you’ll have available to move forward to, pursue and live the dream. A seven nation army won’t hold you back.

You just have to manage to keep your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground. And balance it.

Getting Better Every Day

Healing Hugs

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