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Gifts Aren’t Just Material Things

Who doesn’t enjoy receiving gifts all wrapped up in beautiful paper? Everybody does.

But take a step back into the past. You’ll see it wasn’t just things.

You’ll find those special moments that gave you goosebumps of happiness. You were glowing from the deepest of your being that expressed out in the twinkling of your eyes. A smile that just didn’t stick to the lip's shape: your whole body was smiling with joy.

Does it sound like poetry? Yes: there is poetry in life, at times.

Think it through. Was it a thing that was offered to you? Yes.

But most likely wasn’t a material gift.  You were gifted some experience that made feel special that made you feel loved.

Gifts aren’t just material things. The best gifts are memories associated with good feelings.

The best gifts are memories associated with good feelings

You got there, didn’t you? To that first thing that came to your mind and put a smile on your face and a chill of joy just thinking of it.

That was a gift you received.

Regardless of whether it was a material thing or not. What you recall and is kept in your body memory: is a good feeling that it gave you. Definitely.

One the best gifts that were given to you. Because those are the best gifts we receive in life: the ones that leave a footprint of happiness in your soul journey.

Consumerism has prostituted the act of giving

Christmas is at the door.

And consumerism is its pal.  Truth be told: consumerism is being ingrained in our DNA for decades now. We buy things in order to supposedly activate some lifestyle image that is sold along with the product.

Consumerism is good for the economy but it has contaminated relationships to a point where the value of a present is identified with the value of the person who gives it or, the value of the person who receives it.

And we’re a lot more than the monetary value of the presents we can afford to buy or inspire (or encourage) someone to give to us.

And it’s ok to know how to give and know how to receive presents: the equal give and take thing.

But let’s make the present gifting a moment of showing love and, or appreciation. Not just proof of social status.

Of course, if we have more financial availability, it’s natural that we spend more money. But let us make sure that our relationship with money is balanced and that we do not fall into the temptation of using the money we’ve spent on a gift to bargain for affection. That is not equal to give and take.

Giving a present is not supposed to be a manipulation act. Keep in mind the love and care.

An act of showing someone your love and care.

Show your love and offer an experience: why not?

The perfect gifts sometimes are unexpected. Others have to be programmed.

What makes a gift perfect is one that has something of the person who’s going to receive it with a little bit of something of the person who is giving, besides the money that was invested in it.

It might be your time and attention.

If the budget is low: the simpler the better. Just make sure the intention (hopefully good) is there: intentions do count intentions matter. Way before the gift is offered and opened: intentions are felt.

If money is not an issue: use it to buy an experience to offer that someone you want to show your love.

San Francisco State University researchers found that people find that it's a better use of money when using it to enjoy life's new experiences, once it contributes to greater well-being.

Besides that, when a person receives a material gift the happiness lasts less than the shared experiences: the overall satisfaction lasts for longer or even increases with time.

Here are some ideas to sparkle your creativity:

  • Air balloon
  • Bungee jumping
  • Canoeing in some nice lake
  • Thai-massage
  • Travel abroad to some meaningful place
  • Make a road trip
Gift non material - Thai massage

Your imagination combined with the other person's preferences will make it exquisite: the gift and the moment shared.

You’ll create shared memories.

# Why offer an experience?

Because people will remember how you’ll make them feel.

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

~ Maya Angelou

Offering good experiences offers the opportunity to create unique moments that can last a lifetime in the memory. That’s precious.

Another thing is for sure: it strengthens the bonds with your loved one, in a profound and cheerful way.

If a gift can do that much: what more can you expect from a gift?

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