Drama-queen, king solution

We all have to face problems. Everyone one of us carries masculine and feminine energy. Regardless of our gender. Drama queen or King’s solution?

Endings and new beginnings

If something is ending, something new is beginning. Gives chills in the stomach, right? Fears. They’re not going to disappear, by magic: you do have face them.

Determination, faith

Faith. You don’t have to be religious, but you gotta have faith. Because if determination fails, faith will help you push forward. One step after the other.

Appreciation and hate

Appreciation is easy. Hate, on the other hand, is almost being professionalized. How to deal with both?Self-love is the answer, it’ll protect you from insanity.

your why, reasons to live, Ikigai

Ikigai. The concept is japanese. Life philosophical concept. In japanese “Iki” means “alive” or “life”; “gai” means “worth”: your reason to live: your why.

Empaths mind cleaned

Who’s an empath? Is someone empathetic beyond normal.
Is someone who easily absorbs people’s energy. The external energy, from others, must be mind cleaned, .

Exercise self-love woman, write, pen-1566154.jpg

Exercise self-love: it empowers you. Suppose you’re in a desert island. Would you still find ways to love yourself with no one to tell you that you are lovable?

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