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Happy New Year 2022. It’s A New Dawn: Reinvent Yourself!

1. Happy New Year 2022!

Happy New Year 2022!

Pretty much everyone starts the year spreading good karma – wishing everyone the best, as to make sure that the universe will return back all the good wishing.

And if life’s a nightmare: you expect that all the good-wishing will transform your life into a fairy-tail dream.

If you look at yourself and feel like some kind of a Frankenstein, made of retails of family inheritance/education/trauma, social conditioning, and constriction/restrainments and, and social media bipolar short-statements-ideals.. and you might think: who have I become?

If you like what you see: whatever you’re doing, just keep on walking that path.

If you don’t like what you see: then something must be done.

One thing must be understood: no “miracles” will happen unless you make the changes that need to be done. Unless you make a mindset switch. Then: everything changes simply because your mindset did. And so do the course of your decisions: you start making better ones…

And new dawn begins.

Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.

Jim Rohn

2. It's A New Dawn

It’s a new dawn every day. What makes it epic is when you start seeing life differently. When you start feeling good about your life.

Either one of two happens in this case: life situations force you to change because the state of things becomes unbearable.

Or: you can choose to break the habit of being yourself. That doesn’t’ mean that you have to tower down your life, destroy everything you have built, and leave it to ashes.

But it can mean that you have some work to do on yourself.

Remember that you are the center of your life – and that’s not narcissism. Is what it is.

And if you are experiencing things you don’t enjoy: ( except for situations for example of abuse, physical offense, or assault) you are part of the problem, because some decisions of yours took you there, or whatever situation, state you are in that doesn’t please you, doesn’t make you proud.

If it doesn’t make you proud: no need to be ashamed. We’re all here doing the best we can, with what we have. But we can do better.

So: take ownership.

Instead of blaming it on the boss, the unfair friend, the dysfunctional family, some soccer mommy, some disloyal business partner, the faults of a counterpart…

Take ownership of the solution.

Breaking the habit of being yourself might just mean that you have to identify whatever negative thought or perception about yourself, whatever ingrained fear you have, that somehow lead you (through decision making)  to not enjoying so much the person you’ve become.

And start working on that. Reinvent yourself. You don’t have to tear down your good traits – everyone has – you have them too. You just have to work on the ones that limit you.

Don'ts settle for less or remain unhappy with whatever might make you feel miserable.

You don’t have to settle for less. Least of all with yourself.

Reinvent yourself and break the habit of being yourself.

2. Reinvent Yourself: Break The Habit Of Being Yourself

It’s daring to say: but it all comes with the small habits.

That small habit that normally you make in the morning, that leads to another small habit and another small habit and another small habit… Compounding and supporting that old self that you know (or maybe not) so well.

Is not easy. But you actually need to become that person: the one you are proud of,  when no one’s looking. When is just you and you.

And defining you, as a  person, based on past events: is unfair, is self-limiting, is self-destructive.

Past experiences are just that: life experiences. You have two options there: learn or repeat. You choose.

If it was a good experience, then, by all means, go and do it again: repeat it. If it builds you up, it brings real joy, if it makes you feel you at your best, then repeat it.

If it wasn’t a good experience: then you have to learn something from it.

Negative thoughts are a constant?

Cultivate these two habits: gratefulness before bed and positive thought first thing in the morning.

3.1 Practicing Greatfulness At Night Before Asleep

The best benefit of it?

You don’t go to bed angry or stressed. You literally lower your stress levels if the day was rough.

It's kind of hard being grateful and angry at the same time. Allow yourself a good night of sleep.

At night: be grateful for whatever you have in life, whoever helped in life, whoever loved you in a way you enjoyed, that lunch that was delicious or pleasant, that feeling good sensation you had in the morning sunlight… Anything. Anything that you can be grateful for. Big/small win in the job that...

Thank you

3.2 Start Your Day With A Positive Thought First Thing in The Morning

Set the tone of your day under a positive thought, that will lead you to a good feeling.

You go and ask: “Ah, a good feeling, that’s it?”

Are you sure that’s it? Think it through: the worst decisions you’ve made in life were done under the shadow of fear, anger, doubt, self-misbelieve.

Feeling good build up self-confidence: and self confidence is all you need to face the many challenges of your day.

You will think clearer, one your not under the fight-flight mode, for unnecessary reasons. That should on be set when your life is at stake. Other wise is just a slow death: with all that much cortisol your body produces.

Positive thought? Let’s face it: sometimes is a challenge. You wake up with those thoughts of what went wrong yesterday…

That’s when you have to make that effort of controlling your mind: and lead it.

3.3 No Ideas? For Positive Thoughts To Encourage Yourself 1st Thing In The Morning?

Of course, you have:

...that idea that you daydream (and makes you feel awesome),

...that project you would like to endeavor (and makes you feel awesome),

...that picture of your life that wants to make it real ((and makes you feel awesome).

... Or simply that contract that you want to close un da just to imagine closing the deal... ((and makes you feel awesome).

Just has to be something that makes you feel really good just imagining achieving it. The conscious feeling is so important.

Because that’s how you reprogram your brain: is thought and feeling coherence. And you create an emotion.

The brain doesn’t recognize the past from the future: it's just memories. If you plant an image of the future: the brain will store it as a memory.

Thoughts are the language of the brain, and feelings are the language of the body. Like Dr. Joe Dispenza says so many times in his videos.

So if you teach your body how to feel with that image of the future: you are reinforcing the new neural path.

That’s how you start breaking the pattern of consecutive negative thoughts and bad feelings and bad emotions, that origin more negative thoughts and more negative emotions. That's how you induce your body to break that pattern of that spiral. That downward spiral.

You break the spiral by teaching your body how to feel with the memories of the future. And with habit: it will new neural path. Built with positive creative emotions.

What do you gain with that? Your energy changes. For better. And you build up self-confidence, right?

Is not necessary to repeat that many poor choices are made when your decisions are backed up and supported by: fear, anger, doubt, or self-misbelief.

Live the present, but always take a peek at the future.

Believing that you can make it better.

You have the power to make your life better.

Getting Better Every Day

Reinvented Hugs

From Body&Soul!


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