Boost Your Immune System

Boost Your Immune System. Take Care Of Your Body (Part2)

Boost Your Immune System deserves a double blog. And it can be done with small habits like: drinking enough water, doing some stretch exercises, Especially in this Covis Era. It didn’t last a few months, as we all hoped. It’s going to take some years, I believe… Despite the existent vaccines available, it’s worth investing in strengthening your immune system with small little habits.

Although I’m not a  person who likes going into the details of things – nobody is perfect –  I happen to find lots of meaning in the littlest things. You know: small little changes make the path of bigger change…

In a previous blog, I suggested warm lemon water and green juice to boost your immune system. I use both, periodically. This time I’m bringing two more suggestions. Also little things.

I) Boost Your Immune System Drinking 1,5 to 2 L of plain water per day

Boost Your Immune System. Drinking water, 1,5 to 2 L per day.
<strong>Boost Your Immune System Drinking water <strong>15 to 2 L per day<strong><strong>

The human body is made of 70% of water. Of course, when you drink tea, eat fruits and vegetables, you’re serving water to your body. The problem with tea is that many of us use sugar or sweetener: and there goes the benefit of tea… The fruits? Excellent font of minerals, vitamins, and water but most of us eat fruits once-twice a day. Isn’t enough water.

So, I like to drink mine, first thing in the morning, as soon as I get out of bed. At least  500 ml to 1 L. I assure that minimum quantity on the first hours of the day. 1 or two in the mid-morning, 2 more in the afternoon. Secured. How will the blood circulate properly with an insufficient amount of water? Deficiently. How will cells reproduce themselves properly with an insufficient amount of water: deficiently. How will the organism clean itself from its own waste, with insufficient water? Deficiently.

Drinking enough water is more than beneficial: is essential. Vital. I would enhance  these benefits:

Boost Your Immune System. Drinking water.
<strong><strong>Boost Your Immune System<strong> Drinking water <strong>

Flushing bacteria from your bladder.

Aiding digestion.

Preventing constipation.

Normalizing blood pressure.

Stabilizing the heartbeat

So make sure you hydrate your body as soon as you can. When you receive thirsty signs, your organism is already dehydrated.

II) Boost Your Immune System Reducing Physical Stress With Back&Neck Stretch

Physical and/or emotional stress are inevitable. I would dare to say is part of living. The problem with persistent stress is that, as consequence, your body is too exposed to high levels of cortisol and adrenalin (stress hormones): this inhibits the immune system cells. In order to let the immune cells do their work, you can work on yourself to reduce stress effects. What I’m bringing here is a little help to reduce the effects of physical stress. The practice of meditation and breathwork exercises at night is excellent to clean the mind of stress effects of the day, deal with tumbling emotions, frustrations of the day. I’m suggesting a slightly different approach here. A complementary one. Doesn’t solve all the problems and yet, it helps a lot. I’ve found this video of 10 minutes of neck and back stretch: amazingly good.

Let’s level here: anyone who works in computer feels neck and back stress. Even when we wake up, because of the long period laying we can experience some muscle and joint stiffness. This helps. Anyone can do it. The video is in german language, but all you have to do is to mimic the movements… Enjoy the stretch. Really effective.

Immunological Greetings to Everyone!

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