Too lazy to hate

Do You Have Prejudices With Laziness? Think Again: Be Too Lazy to Hate

Being lazy is not seen with good eyes: it doesn’t help anyone’s dreams and goals come to life. Not yours, not anyone's dreams.

But there’s a bright side of laziness if you use it to favor being too lazy to hate.

Is that attitude kind of “f*ck it is not worth it”…

Because it usually isn’t. Not even for your ego's sake. That saves you a lot of energy. The vital energy that you can use someplace else. To bring to life your own aspirations, for instance.

Being lazy is not all bad.

1. Being lazy is not all bad: too lazy to hate

Not everyone deserves your love. Not everyone deserves your hate.

(Don’t ever forget the hate you address out, starts in you first, you built-in, you feel it first).

Thus: you don’t deserve any hate you can address to anyone.

Is not that we’re here talking about that religious attitude of giving the other cheek to be slapped on. No.

Is not that deep: is actually very basic.

Basic energy management: your vital energy.

1.1 Sometimes we have to use our vital energy to fight. And that is not hate.

Ok, at times we have to fight, not the physical kind of fight: fight for our rights, fight for our freedom, fight for justice, and fight to protect the people and things that we value.

Sometimes we have to fight ourselves, to fight our inner demons, habits, or life conceptions that won’t just let us move forth, just won’t let us grow.

Sometimes you just have to fight.

But that’s not hate. That is the vital force, that is self-power. And sometimes we have to train it, reinforce it, and use it for our safety and benefit.

1.2 Hate: the waste of your Vital Energy

Hate is another thing. Hate is an intense intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury, that you are addressing to something or someone.

And that sounds like a huge amount of energy-intense hostility? to be addressed toward something or someone outside yourself, just to destroy it? If it’s not a question of self-defense, kind of kill or die: is not worth it.

Instead,  we should not allow ourselves any laziness on these: working on our own fears or working on our own anger. It seems to be more constructive. More self-constructive.

Well: hate is an emotion like any other.

Do you feel it? You better acknowledge it. And then release it. Just as you release the used air through your exhales.

Transform that hate into something else. Something useful, if you can.

You can’t just let it build inside yourself, because that’s what you do when you hate something or someone. Before you can through it out: you had to build it in.

And you should know the basic law of the Universe: the energy you put into the Universe is the energy that will come back to you. Like a boomerang. And your own hate with hit you like a stone.

1.3 Too lazy to hate

The only reason to address such an amount of energy towards someone, besides basic survival: is just because one must have not any significant goal or constructive aspiration.

None of us here are those people if we read this blog so far.

It must be weird getting to the end of the day looking at the mirror and say: I feel accomplished, for today I really hated someone, today I was really hateful… Must be weird.

So if and when hate hits you, take a real deep breath, lay down on the couch, and allow yourself to be lazy…

You’re thinking: that sounds a bit complicated… What do we do with all that fire energy that anger and hate bring up front?

Use it on your own goals, and projects to become someone you can admire. Don’t worry so much about if others admire you or not, if others respect you or not: Worry about doing things that make you worthy of your own pride and respect.

So: create goals that scare you. Don’t get consumed by your fear of others.

And if hate assaults you: address it to that scary goal of yours.

Or: allow yourself to be lazy. Too lazy to hate.

2.The benefits of being lazy, at times

Besides that idea of good management of your vital energy, here are some other benefits of being lazy that actively support that concept, and close the cycle:

  • Lazy people find smart solutions to do something in a easier way;
  • Lazy periods allow to have a better management of stress, less prone to burnout and that can benefit mental health
  • Being lazy once in a while allows you to be more aware, practice mindfulness, and build in more emotional intelligence: once you use those lazy times to reflect and tune in your body's internal language.
Benefícios de ser preguiçoso (a)

3.There’s a whole differente concept of wealth and abundance

New Whealth / Novos parârmetros de riqueza

Times have changed.

So has changed the concept of wealth and abundance. And hate is not part of the “formula”.

Even if we are or become rich or accumulate wealth derivated from many forms of income, hate in our veins won't allow us to experience that happiness, that inner peace, or health (hate makes us sick in the long run). And those are the new age parameters for wealth.

In all ways.

Getting Better Every Day

Lazy Hugs

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