June 2022

Listen to your body

Listening to your body. Isn’t it better to keep your body under your control, your antenna, so the environment messages come and go with littlest distortion?

embrace change, people, girl, hug-2571963.jpg

Embrace change? Hell yeah: for personal growth, for a personal upgrade.
Some people get bored if they don’t get change (…).
Others get scared to sh*t (…).

travel light morning, sunrise, happy-2257689.jpg

Travel light through life. We are born, with the soul clean, we grow, we get education and culture, we get attached (…) At a certain point we get soul-heavy.

Keeping your word self love, heart, diary-3969644.jpg

How well are you keeping your word? Your word is not just a figure of speech. Is the pillar of structure to any relationship, personal or professional.
Make them count.

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