May 2022

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Small warriors that conquer good victories through small wins.
It’s about the small wars we fight within ourselves and small victories-victories that feel good.

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There’s a hidden genius within you. A creative genius. Often oppressed. That’s why porn is served to you: to drain your sexual energy and your creative energy.

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Intentions matter . Words matter. It all counts. Anyone who’s ever read Silva’s method to improve the control over one’s own mind, knows the 4 Laws (…)

Sustaining Truth

Truth. Yours. Sustaining it.
The truth cannot be owned. You can have your own perspective of things: that would be your truth.
Otherwise, unless you’re God(…)


Resilience is a refusal to give up on ourselves.
(…) We refuse to remain broken, at mercy of heartbreak or simply the consequences of dubious choices (…)

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