January 2022

Relationship with money

In your relationship with money, do you believe money makes you a bad person? Or in the mind: in order to get the money, you have to become a ruthless m.f.?

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Agree to disagree: understanding that is a superpower. It takes levels of maturity, respect, tolerance and, empathy for your mate, friend, counterpart (…)

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What if someone told you that abundance is having what you need when it’s needed?
(…) When what you want really meets what you really need. Magic happens.

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Competition at home…partners or adversaries? You might be feeding the enemy inside(…). Competition is good if it makes you give your best(…)

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Happy New Year 2022 !
New dawn: time to reinvent yourself, of breaking the habit of being yourself.
We all start the year spreading good karma, best wishes(…)

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