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Abundance: Having What You Need, When It’s Needed

What if someone told you that abundance is having what you need when it's needed?

We are all kind of trained (or conditioned) to think that abundance is having whatever you want, whenever you want…

Let’s explore this dual approach…

One thing must be clear: money matters because you exchange it for comfort, health knowledge, and experiences. Commodities. Period.

Another thing must be also clear: “Want” is the very first principle of creation, the intention of creation.

You can only create anything after making a decision upon what you want to create. That is non-negotiable in most cases. Of course, there’s the artistic approach, of letting the inspiration guide you: but there’s an intent there to create a piece of art. There’s a wanting beneath it.

Absolute magic happens when you make a junction between wanting, the act of all creation,  that actually meets your needs. You meet the fulfillment of what you need: like a trained archer, you "hit the heart of the thing"... Magic happens.

So what is Abundance, what does it mean?

1. Abundance: What Does It Really Mean?

What is abundance? What does it mean?

Let’s face it: we’re programmed to think that abundance is a bunch of money. But then how can we explain some (not all)  rich kids or adults that have everything but feel deeply unhappy, empty?

No matter what they might say, those people are in lack.

No matter how much money they have - they can be wealthy enough to fly their own aeroplane over the sea.

It doesn’t mean being poor is good – it isn’t. But being rich isn’t all there is to abundance.

Abundance means having plenty of something (everything?). It can be love, friends, fun, caring, food, water, opportunities, health, money…

There’s abundance in Nature – it seems that Nature is constantly creating new things, transforming itself. And you are part of nature. If you lack plenitude in your life: you might have some block, patterns of thinking that don’t allow you to create, don’t allow you to transform yourself. Just like nature.

You ought to be able to enjoy, feel joy. Otherwise: it is what it is, money buys commodities. It does not buy emotions, it does not buy good feelings. It does not buy feeling true inner joy.

  • There’s’ no abundance when you have money but lack in love (for yourself and/or for others, as if a piece of your heart was ripped out)
  • There’s no abundance when you have love but are lack in health.
  • There’s’ no abundance when you have health but you are lack money.

It’s daring to say that although abundance means literally, plenty (having plenty of something), it actually in the end, means: balance.

You have it all when you are having from it all.

Spiritually speaking- and then again – spirituality isn’t about religion.

Is about believing, recognizing the human being inside the body, beyond matter. And the inner aims.

Spirituality is of the soul.

Listening to your body signs (the body complaints when the soul is dissatisfied) understanding your soul’s aiming, will eventually lead you to abundance. Abundance beyond commodities.

2. What You Need. When It’s Needed.

When does abundance becomes having what you need, when it’s needed?

When you dare to step forward.

You know those situations when you know you want o to accomplish something, and you just don’t know how?

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Remember that saying about the stairs? That you don’t need to see the all stairs, just one step at a time?

That’s the only step you need to see.

And if you focus your mind on that step: you’ll figure the rest of the climbing as you move forward. One step at a time.

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This analogy is no good?

Take another one: the desert. You‘re in the middle of the desert, want to get to the oasis can’t see a thing in front of you?

What do you do? Stay there and risk starving and dehydrating?

Stay there stuck and bear with the cold nights and burning heat of the day, just stuck there? Very unlikely.

You tune into your intuition and keep on walking. One step after another: with the oasis in the mind.

You've got to keep on walking. Until you get where you want to get.

The magical thing that happens when the “wanting” is bigger than the “fearing” of facing the unknown: your brain will search and will find alternative solutions.

You give a step forward and the perspective changes and new ideas come up to your mind, to accomplish what you aim for.

Just because you gave a step forward.

The thing is to focus on what you want. And not focusing on what frightens you.

And there are times in life when going back to what you already know is more frightening than moving forward to the unknown.

That's when you take a jump on a leap of faith, and change what needs to be changed. One change after another.

3. Train Yourself (Mindset) To Live In An Abundance State Of Mind.

3.1 Hypothetically…

…Let us say you are in a dark phase, in a dark hour, because you feel lacking. Miss someone, you want something you believe you need, you want that amount of money to do whatever… You feel hopeless…

3.2 The Feed On Your YouTube Channel…

…You know that feed on your YouTube channel?

What if you make a search on a determined keyword, or subject and then it keeps bombarding you with that same subject untill you get in nausea?

3.3 The Algorithm Mimics Your Brain…

…It‘s mimicking the way your brain functions.

You focus on one subject in your mind and the brain rewards you with more of that, feed is it with more, and it goes on, on and on, and on…

When you’re thinking, remembering, worrying, and feeling and tuning in some negative thought pattern: your brain rewards you with more of that until you knock out on total despair…

Until you stop it.

3.4 If You Brake The Chain Of Thoughts …

… with one image that really gives you pleasure, thrills you with physical emotion, gives real inner joy just by imagining it...

You being set to attack:

your brain will bombard you with more thoughts, and feelings of that same fulfilling pattern.

You’re not fooling yourself, you're controlling your brain.

The brain does not distinguish memory that comes from experience from daydreaming: as long as the emotions are there.

As long as you are teaching your body how to feel with that image/thought/creation.

What do you gain with that?

You allow your brain to create new neurons paths, and you start to see new perspectives of things.

And no longer the going through that known path with the results that you already know, that lead you to a place you don’t like.

3.5 Pay Attention To Your Body Signals…

…That’s why is important to pay attention to your body: when you start feeling that physical discomfort: in your stomach, that anxiety in your heart and throat… And most likely, came from a thought (even if you didn’t consciously perceive it)  and will most likely drive you to another pattern of behavior that you have in those situations.

You stop.

You breathe.

You remove the clouds...

...by using your own trigger: that image that you know that puts you in a good place with yourself, that place that makes you feel deeply happy,

makes you feel motivated and with hope, that place that reminds you of your aim/goal. But the emotion must be there, in the body.

Your brain will find ways to give you alternative solutions for what you want to achieve

3.6 You Start Creating …

…You started creating your reality.

Maybe it won’t change in a day. But when you find yourself ahead: you will remember that you thought of it. With a lot of emotions.

This is valid for both negative or positive images or thoughts you create.

When you are very too much into a negative pattern: and then say “I knew this was going to happen”, "I saw it coming"? You created it. Your thoughts lead you to decisions that have placed you there.

The same happens with the positive pattern of thoughts: you also create that. Your brain leads you to decisions that put you there in that place.

3.7 Focus On What Can Be in Your Control: You

A lot of things are not in your control.

Especially other people’s choices and behavior.

But this is in your control: and the better in tune you are with yourself, the less disturbance you have from outsiders, with their intentions: because you have your own intention. Well established. Well felt.

And it all starts with the now.

With what you have.

And that includes your thoughts: the ability to smile and feel happy just by…

Thinking and Feeling Happy From Thought Alone.

Getting Better Every Day

Abundant Hugs

From Body&Soul!

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