August 2021

Declutter Mind

Too much in your mind? Mentally blocked? Or: the stuff runs off your head as if it was diarrhea: disordered and out of control ?
Time to declutter your mind.

Intimacy and over-familiarity are bonded but they are not the same thing.
Everything is easier when you have intimacy (…) The trapp might be over-familiarity.

body, woman, belly-3630110.jpg

A person addresses you. You don’t know that person that well. You got that gut feeling…
It doesn’t matter if the feeling is good or bad. The real issue is: can you trust your gut feeling?
Is it fear or intuition talking?

If you are not in control of your emotions, someone else is.
If someone controls your emotions, that someone controls you: your ex, your cellphone’s feed, …

Is shame just an uncomfortable moment? It scratched your image but caused no damage to your self-esteem?
Or, shame turns to be toxic, and contaminates how you see your-self?

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