Dont worry about the how

No Matter What? Replace It With “Don’t Worry About The How”

The title deserves an explanation, perhaps. But you will get there.

It's just that "at any cost" can imply everything. It can compromise everything.

And when you are in an attitude of “be calm that you will get there”: the mind opens doors to countless possibilities, and you have to take the steps that you believe are congruent with the “there”, where you want to get to.

Yes: it's a matter of believing in yourself, gaining self-confidence, and believing in your vision. Hold the vision. And the path opens. The path is made by moving one step in front of the other. And you act with that self-confidence as a weapon and that belief/vision as a motive for action.

1. To unveil the "No matter what"

The “no matter what” can commit you to the level of insanity.

No personal or professional objective should cost so much, to the point of leaving you with the feeling that you've lost yourself along the way, that you've lost more, in terms of intangible value, than what you've gained.

And these things cannot be evaluated only from the material perspective, numbers: there are values at stake, there is integrity, and self-esteem (not ego) to be considered.

Let's be objective: whatever demand we have defined is to bring us fulfillment. Personal and, or professional. It's supposed to bring some kind of happiness that makes us feel that life is meaningful and worthwhile, right?

It must go beyond dopaminergic purchasing power (which gives us a few hours of satisfaction and then we have to find something else to buy to fill the void).

Maybe “fulfilling” is the most important thing here.

The problem with “no matter what” is that the prize may not be worth the price.

So, for people more determined to achieve their goals with a sense of worthiness, and to be able to enjoy the “laurels” with a full sense of worthiness and without the imposter syndrome: a new approach is suggested.

You have complete confidence that you will get there. And for that alone: tranquilize yourself.

2. What an attitude of “Don't worry about the how" implies? You will get there

Two things are key here: having a clear vision of what you want to achieve and trusting your intuition.

It's really challenging, not seeing the whole staircase.

But it's the energy you put into what you do that counts here. If you are in a fearful energy, you will be in a vibration where you are putting yourself in situations that will give you a reason to be afraid.

And the “no matter what” already presupposes a high cost. Yes: you know that you will have to have courage, and it is the power of fear, which is latent there, that moves you.

When you're confident that you're going to get there, you know that all roads lead to Rome. There is no way to fail. More trouble or less trouble. More deviation less deviation. 101 mishaps and deviations, whatever.

And in that positive vibration, synchronicities happen, to confirm that you are on the right path. Or luck, if the concept of luck is more inviting to you, as the saying goes:

"Fortune favors the bold"

It's like the entire Universe conspires in your favor.

The universe moves in mysterious ways.

3. The Universe Moves in Mysterious Ways

Sounds a bit mystical doesn't it?

But life is full of mysticism, however much science explains.

Besides, Shakespeare already said:

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horace, than are dreamed of in your philosophy”

- William Shakespeare, in the first act of Hamlet

But if poetry doesn't convince you of the need to be calm, then look at the numbers.

Here are the estimated estimates of worry (according to Earl Nightingale, author and motivational speaker), so cold, where 8% are real reasons why you should be worried and 92% are pure nonsense empty of context, and full of paranoia:

  • 40% of the things we worry about don't happen.
  • 30% of the things we worry about couldn't be changed by all the worry in the world.
  • 12% of our worries are useless sober annoyances to our health.
  • 10% of our worries are about petty things.
  • 8% of our concerns are about legitimate and real issues.
Dont worry about the how

It's like this: analyze 92% of the concerns that occupy your mind. And then throw them in the trash. Because that's what it's about.

As for the 8% of worries that are real: tranquilize yourself anyway.

Just make sure you are anchored in your vision of the future and your mind (the universe, because you are a universe, and the universe is limitless) will see solutions more easily than if you have a mind foggy with mental garbage (92% of your concern).

Trust yourself. The Universe has your back.

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