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It’s Possible. You Are Able. You Are Worthy – The PAW Process

It’s possible. You are able . You are worthy. Possibility. Ability. Worthiness. These are the three things you need to believe in order to achieve  your goals:

Possibility: it is possible to achieve your goals

Ability: you are capable of achieving your goals

Worthiness: you deserve to achieve your goals.

1. About Possibility

By definition from Oxford Languages, possibility is:

“A thing that may be chosen or done out of several possible alternatives”

Once I saw a movie, some years ago and can’t remember all story. believe I only saw the end of it. I do remember it was with Queen Latifah. She mentioned in the movie that she kept a book, she called it the “Book of Possibilities”. I remember I started writing my own list of possibilities: possible things that I would like to do, to have, to experience. Book of Possibiliites.

If you consider something  as possible, your brain copes with you to find ways to do it.

And if it’s a persistent idea, believe : you will find a way.

Neuroscientists these days are saying that, when you imagine something, when you are “creating”, just by thought alone,  the brain starts creating new neurological paths, new connections.

Of course there are many “internal” enemies (limiting believes among them) to deal with, such as:

  • what would people think   (*1)  
  • who am I kidding: this  is way out of range;
  • I can’t do it;
  • money is running out or I need money to do it; (*2)
  • that’s nonsense
  • and so on and so on…

(Small parenthisis. “Life without music would be a mistake”- Friedrich Nietzsche

(*1) this reminded me of a Jonh Legend’s song…

(*2)(Oops…Two other  songs came up to mind Tom Waits and Arcade Fire…

… End of parenthisis.

Everyone has their own list of limiting believes. Sometimes are silent voices that shout, dictate. You don’t even realize how restricting those voices are. You just behave, act, according to them. Silent inner voices that keep you in chains.

Let’s suppose there’s something you would like to experience , to do or achieve. Could be anything.

But comes that inner silent voice, the little devil-voice saying “you can’t”…

How do you shut it down?

You ask yourself : “what would  happen if I would do it?” That’s when the door of possibility opens.

Let me state it clear that this is not to incentivate you to act as if a spsycophat would or go against values that still serve you.

Is just a way to not kill the dream before you  even start formulating it.

Just keep your mind opened, out of the box and…

Write Your Own Book or List of Possibilities.

Question your limiting believes.

Challenge your internal language. Instead of sayig “I Can’t”  ask yourself  “What if?”

And then consider.

And then evaluate.

And then believe.

And then do it.

(Oh my god… more songs just popped up in my mind!)

2. About Ability

In the PAW Process you need to believe that you are capable of achieving your goals.

Of course you might need resources. This resources might be:

  • Knowledge, to acquire specific competences
  • Money
  • People, partnership

 If don’t have them you can reach out for them.

What can you do to be able , to have ability to deal with what needs to be done to achieve your goal(s)?

Ask this questions in order to find mental position (mind set) to find your personal solutions:

  • What are you going to do?
  • When are you going to do and who with?
  • How will you know you’ve achieved your goal?

3. About Worthiness

By definition from Oxford Languages, worthiness is:

“The quality of being good enough; suitability”

We grow up by standards of comparison. Being more or less than, having more or less than.

Maybe there’s a reason for that guilt that poisons your life in victories or defeat. If you have more than “…” (you might feel guilt) or if have less than “…” (you might feel envious).

You are worthy. You are enough. You are suitable. Simply because you were able to conceive it.

If you’re not harming others: why the guilt?

Normally you feel guilt when, conciously or not, you betray one or  more of your values.

The only purpose of guilt should be to learn and do better next time.

Guilt is the feed of self-sabottage. The root is the feeling of unworthiness. There lies a risk of sabotagin our own purposes.

Make sure you know your values – even the hidden ones, less obvious.

Values may change along with life: is normal. Is part of the process of growing.

Respect your values when pursuing your goals.

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