Dealing With Sigma Personality Traits: How Does That Go With Jealousy?

1 Sigma Personality Traits

You’ve recently discovered that you have sigma personality traits? And it’s kind of nice, isn’t it? To know that although you’re not a common person: you are not alone.

Isn’t that comforting?

Basically, the sigma personality traits, saying it in a short outline format, are like this:

1) Very independent from social standards. Lone wolves.

2) Instrospective and over-thinkers;

3) They are quite people. Don’t talk to fill the void or just to be noticed;

4) The intelect is valued and nourished by sigma-people;

5) Trouble makers, not a nice guys/girls, rebbels;

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6) Lone wolf. Sigma-people doesn’t want to mix in, or stand in the crowd, or be dominant in social environments. Just wants to interact with those who know him. Doesn’t want to waste time or energy on relationships that have an expiration date. Sigma people love privacy more than anything in the world. Needs time alone to reorganize thoughts and emotions;

7) Capability. Normally they are caretakers and savers. The sigma-people Helps and no questions are asked;

8) Charisma is another trait that sigma has: uses empathy to comunicate;

9) Confidence: self-esteem doesn’t come from social media but from the beating of their own drums;

10) Attractiveness.

Do you see yourself somewhere? Major parts of it? All of it? You’re definitely a sigma person.

Dealing with a partner with these traits?

But even a sigma person being a confident lone wolf kind of person, at some point he/she deals with jealous feelings…

2. Jealous Feelings

The intention here, when talking about the feeling of jealousy, isn’t to get into the causes. We’ll leave that for the psychology professionals. What matters here is to go from a common basis. And so, quoting  Psychology Today, as an answer to the question “Why am I so jealous”,  it explains it  with these words:

Why am I so jealous?

Research has identified many root causes of extreme jealousy, including low self-esteem, high neuroticism, and feeling possessive of others, particularly romantic partners. Fear of abandonment is also a key motivator.”

in Psychology Today

Let’s move forward.

How do issues like low self-esteem, neuroticism, feeling possessive of others, or fear of abandonment fit in a sigma profile?

I’d risk saying and you most likely agree with me: that it doesn’t.

I’m not saying that sigma-people don’t feel jealous. Just saying sigma people deal with it in a non-commom way…

3. How Is a Jealous Sigma-person?

Let’s dive a little. It’s possible that a sigma feels jealous and doesn’t know how to deal with it in a “green-age”, when everything is new, and sigma is still developing his/her personality.

But once a sigma-person grows as an adult and sigma traits become more defined, feeling jealousy is highly controlled, if not rare.

If the ghost of jealousy appears, sigma  will rationalize it:

  1. As sigma, you have little fear for comparison. Your self-confidence  and intuition ables you to know that your partner loves you for who you are;
  2. You see jealousy as childish behavior. Definitely: not a jealous guy/girl.
  3. You see jealousy as a direct threat to your independence and it triggers all the alert systems of your natural skepticism. Especially if  the relationship is new, you might lose interest, almost instantly;
  4. You don’t even admit the possibility of feeling jealous. If you do: you will question seriously the relationship. The way you see it, your partener is not worthy of trust if intentionally creates situations for jealousy issues. For a sigma to notice or feel jealous, your partner has to be shouting inappropriate behaviors. Sigma are not drama-queens. Drama is too loud for you.
  5. You know you need those times alone. And if your partner needs to flag jealous scenes is because is someone who needs permanent attention. You also know that you need a person who is self-reliant when the time-alone period happens. As sigma, you will question loyalty.

(Sigma have their own code of loyalty. Is not obvious. And it goes beyond fidelity)

4. What Sigma Should Improve

  1. As a sigma-person, you probably experience some difficulty in showing emotions and not everybody is as empathic and intuitive as you are. Express yourself. Emotionally. Give it a try.
  2. Try and verbalize it, if somehow, it makes you feel uncomfortable: don’t just push people away. Might be worth the effort of overcoming, punctually, that trait of introspectiveness. When sigma females talk about their feelings, might seem a little cold. Sigma males simply avoid talking about feelings, and if they need to: they rather show. Make sure your partner understands it.
  3. Independence is unquestionable. Ok. But don’t be so harsh: try a little tenderness.

If it doesn’t choke you, jealousy might just be a sign that your relationship needs feeding, attention. Either you are feeling it– even if it’s rare – or it is your partner’s provocation. Either way: that 3rd entity that is your relationship needs attention.


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